View Full Version : Big named fights announced today for UFC on Fox and Fuel 3

-2 Scrappy-
02-13-2012, 02:49 PM
Koschek vs Hendricks just been announced for UFC on Fox 3.

Palhares vs Belcher is also on that card.

Mike Easton vs Yves Jaboin is announced for UFC on Fuel 3.

Pissed Easton is on fuel so i gotta download it but the ufc on fox main card might of just been locked and that'd be sick! Who needs a fourth fight on the main card if diaz vs miller can go 5! Palhares vs Belcher is a damn good fight! Like them both as they both come for the kill theory def will be a violent finish!

Koschek vs Hendricks was all but guranteed after Hendricks got LUCKY AS HELL vs fitch. Hope it looks more like kos vs pierce then Hendricks vs story aka rashad vs Davis kinda fight. Both are heavy handed with good chins just hope they aren't afraid of each other and give us a good fight!