View Full Version : Biased treatment of Zuffa v Non Zuffa fighters

02-06-2012, 05:31 PM
This is very interesting. How a Zuffa fighter gets his achievements applauded while a non Zuffa fighter gets called a CAN.

Lets look at the case of Roy Nelson and Jeff Monson. Both have granite for chins and both having only fallen by punches from one man, AA for Nelson and Rizzo for Monson. Yet everyone is praising and hyping Roy as having the toughest chin after being thrashed by Werdum, yet wont acknowledge Monson's equally strong resolve.

In addition, zombies have called Monson a CAN and tried to diminish Fedor's achievements against him, all the while ignoring the fact that Monson has a better fight record, is better on the ground, has a tougher chin, and actually beat Nelson. Yet I never heard any of these zombies question why Werdum fought a CAN (BTW I dont regard Monson and Nelson as cans).

I still have Monson as a better fighter, better chin, and better grappling as compared with Roy Nelson. Their ranking though is nowhere near each other. Nelson would have a better ranking courtesy of being a Zuffa employee.

Monson after the Fedor fight (dont forget the broken leg)
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Nelson after the Werdum fight
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