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01-27-2012, 06:37 AM
Alexander Nevsky Cup tournament named after AI Marinesco

Published on January 25, 2012.

Northwest League of Combat Sambo and Mixed Martial Arts Club, Alexander Nevsky February 16, 2012 concert at the sports complex, Phoenix, St. Petersburg conduct joint combat sambo tournament and mixed martial arts. As part of the competition will be tournament-eight, in the weight category 65 kg, whose winner will have the right to fight for the M-1 Challenge.
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Northwest League of Combat Sambo, Regional Office Combat Sambo Federation of Russia in St. Petersburg, concert and sports complex "Phoenix" with the support of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg and the Administration of Petrograd district spend CUP NORTHWEST sambo.
Stage 4, "In memory of Hero of the Soviet Union, Marinesco AI", which will be held February 16, 2012 in KCK "Phoenix" (St. Petersburg, Pharmaceutical, etc., 2).
Cup held in five phases. In one tournament in September, October and November 2011. Stage 4 will be held in February and 5th April 2012
Stage 1 on 29 September 2011.
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Winners receive a trophy each stage of the hero, which is dedicated to the tournament. According to the results of all five tournaments the winners will receive the North-West Cup title and winning the Cup of the North-West in Combat Sambo.
Qualifying bouts according to the rules of Combat Sambo in jackets. At the final battle as competitors come out without a jacket.
A fundamentally new element of the North-West Cup - the output of Combat Sambo in the ring!
This will help the young soldiers to adapt to the rules of mixed martial arts and be better prepared to enter the international arena.
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This time, fans of martial arts for a pleasant surprise. To the organizers of the club joined the Mixed Martial Arts "Alexander Nevsky".
Combat sambo tournament was decided to unite with the tournament, eight in mixed martial arts on a cup of Alexander Nevsky.

This year, M-1 Global will enter into its program of fighting in the weight category 65 kg and the debut bout in this weight will be at the next stage of the Russian M-1 Challenge, date and place of which will be announced in the coming days. It undefeated Polish fighter Kotlar, Marian (6-0) will converge with the Russian athlete, who is determined to Alexander Nevsky Cup. Eight men from different cities of Russia for one night to hold the tournament at the Olympic system Shootout and reveal the winner, who will get the cup, and pass on the tournament M-1 Challenge.

As guests of honor at the event will be attended by stars such as Russian mixed martial arts , Andrei Semenov and Michael Malyutin .

The composition of the tournament - candidates for the first ever M-1 Challenge fight at a weight of 65 kg will be determined in the coming days, watch for information on our site!

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