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01-22-2012, 12:03 PM
Bud Taylor is a fighter no-one really talks about but he still has some very good wins against Hall of Fame opposition.

Taylors first test was against Memphis Pal Moore, a member of the IBHOF who was good enough to beat Jimmy Wilde in the Navy. Although never winning a title he still had a host of good wins which granted him access of the Hall.

In 8 months a relatively inexperienced Taylor split a series with the veteran going 1-2-1.

He then lost to future NBA Flyweight Champion Genaro before having to face the great Philippine Pancho Villa. Villa beat him by NWS decision but Taylor avenged his loss in the same fashion a mere 6 months later. In the Villa bout there was only about a 5Ibs difference and it was only a few fights before Villa's title win. Taylor then lost to solid contender Rosey Stoy before losing officially to Villa who was now trying to make his stamp on the Bantamweight scene via 12 round decision.

Came back with a streak of wins notably against Flyweight title contender Georgie Rivers.

This is where the magic happens, firstly he defeated former BW champ Abe Goldstein. As soon as 6 days later he fought and beat the undefeated Jimmy McLarnin. Straight after this fight McLarnin would defeat Pancho Villa!

Taylor then beat and lost to the future World BW Champ Bushy Graham!

2 fights later Taylor was back in the ring with the ATG McLarnin and lost by DQ, I cant find any details on this however so if anyone could help me out it would be appreciated. Taylor didn't let that loss phase him as he defeated McLarnin by points decision again in the instant return match.

After a few more wins against top fighters of the period. Taylor wanted the BW title. He fought Canzoneri for the vacant title and battled to a draw.

He beat the former champ Abe Goldstein again before rematching the ATG Canzoneri for the vacant title and get this. Taylor won against another of the famous WW trio!

After this win however, **** started going all over the ****ing joint. He lost to Canzoneri in their next bout. Lost to the top LW contender Singer twice. Then pulled out a win against HOF and current FW Champ Battling Battalino. This however was Taylor's last great hurrah.

He then lost to Fidel LarBarba twice, a return with Battalino, Benny Bass and Lew Massey in the space of 1 year.

Taylor deserves his place in the HOF purely for wins against the people I've described above. Great fighter in a great Bantamweight division. He never did defend his bantamweight championship however. Instead vacated it and his old rival Bushy Graham was the next holder.

Notable Wins.
Jimmy McLarnin x2. (HOF)
Tony Canzoneri (HOF)
Battling Battalino (HOF)
Pancho Villa (HOF)
Bushy Graham (WC)
Abe Goldstein x3 (WC)

Not bad eh?

01-22-2012, 12:15 PM
Very underrated fighter.

He's been inducted into the HOF atleast.

01-22-2012, 12:20 PM
Very underrated fighter.

He's been inducted into the HOF atleast.
Definitely hugely under-rated. I hadn't really noticed him until maybe 6 months ago when I read the book In this Corner and almost every interview had something about a guy called Bud Taylor.