View Full Version : Putin talks about Fedor, while wrestling great Karelin looks on menacingly

01-18-2012, 06:34 AM
From Dagwood @ Global MMA forum
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Translation from Brace @ Global MMA forum

Putin: Maria, another transmission?

Maria: Yes, this is it: "what was the whistling about at the Olympic Center?" (I am assuming they're talking about his speech at the Fedor vs. Monson event.)

Putin: I came to watch a man fight, a man whom I respect very much... I even helped him to organize the event, I asked a department to help out with the organizing... Fedor Emelianenko, a deserving fighter.

Putin: When I started talking, there was definitely some kind of noise from some section, but I didn't hear any whistling. And I didn't understand why this noise was happening, or what caused it. I have to say that when I was finished speaking, it was to applause.

Putin: This noise could've been caused by several reasons. One of them is, with addition to seeing my mug constantly on the screens, it appeared in the ring. This caused some discomfort. I allow for this completely and this is absolutely normal. I am not upset with the ones who were noisy. Another possibility is that they were not happy with Monson, who was walking by at the same moment. Third possibility is people were not satisfied with the fight itself. Some thought this wasn't a real fight because Fedor finished the fight fresh, uncharacteristically for MMA fighters. But I have to say that with this I disagree completely. Fedor chose a true tactic for the fight. Monson is a great and experienced fighter. One or two weeks before he beat another one of our athletes. Fedor analyzed how Monson behaved himself. He didn't go into Monson's guard.. I will say this for the specialists, Oslihanov knows this.. so he wouldn't have to waste his strength and also where his opponent would have an advantage. He performed this line flawlessly and deservingly won.

Putin: His opponent deserves no less respect. He demonstrated courage and character. It didn't look like some other fights. But Fedor's weight class as a rule is much different from lighter classes, where fights are more dynamic. There's nothing really out of the ordinary about this. (Karelin is there for some reason.) Our opponents, mine in general, began to dissect this left and right. But this is their job, they get paid money for this.