View Full Version : Dana White to Ken Shamrock: "F*** you Ken Shamrock"

01-14-2012, 06:40 PM
"This thing started making money in 2005, 2006," White said of the UFC's growth. "It's 2012. If you look at the money the guys made from 2006 to 2012, it's phenomenal what we've done. These guys are coming out, and they got Ken Shamrock. Are you [expletive] kidding me? You know how much money Ken Shamrock owes me?

"Ken Shamrock filed a bogus lawsuit against us and lost. He owes us that money. Do you know what I've done for Ken Shamrock? Ken Shamrock, when I brought him over, he was broke flat [expletive] broke. He was in income-tax trouble. His knee was shot. I rebuilt his knee. I got him out of income-tax trouble, fronted him a [expletive]-load of money. We gave him money literally gave him money $60,000. We gave him $60,000 just to get him back on his feet. You know how much money he made in the two fights he fought with us? $2.5 million.

"[Expletive] you Ken Shamrock."


TR vs. GB
01-14-2012, 06:47 PM
dana white is pure scum

Danny Gunz
01-14-2012, 07:16 PM
What is he referring too?

Steven Adams
01-14-2012, 07:24 PM
Dana White

"You know how much money he made in the two fights he fought with us? $2.5 million."

wow.. can anyone verify that?

Bobby No Sex
01-14-2012, 09:03 PM
$60,000? shiet pacquiao gave his sparring partner $250,000 and never brag about it. shut the fawk up dana u ain't giving shiet to your fighters.

01-14-2012, 11:00 PM
Yo ya some dam haters if it wasnt for dana ya wouldnt even be watchin ufc. Ken shamrock is a fraud. Been roided up his whole career and did u catch him on tuf? The worst coach On that show. Fact of the matter is this if zuffa aint payin there fighters then which promotor is? Y does everyone wanna fight in the ufc? Because like it or not zuffa is the winnIng team. Shout out to bjorn rebney and bellator too. Dana does mad ***** to make me mad but i will always kno that him and the fighters are the ones who made the ufc and pretty much the sport what it is today. And u guys can hop off prides nuts with there two weeks notice fights and there rigged matches

01-15-2012, 06:53 AM
****wit Dana.

Zuffa gave him $60,000 but Shamrock made them $2.5 million.

Whats Dana's problem then, do they want to rip off Ken even more? Slavery in America is alive and well through Zuffa. If I made my company $2.5 million I certainly as hell would demand more than $60k.