View Full Version : The coolest thing about Jon Jones...

-2 Scrappy-
01-04-2012, 12:48 PM
He destroys everybody at their strengths. Everything they try to do to him he defends it and does it right back to them. Shogun and Rampage got dominated striking and finished. Hamil and the janitor both got raped in wrestling and finished. Bonnar and Vera just aren't great at anything and got owned terribly. Machida is the only man to give him any problem and jones still took him down and put him to sleep.

This man has dominated the last 5 years of LHW supremecy besides rashad who will get it anyways probably the worst imo. I use to dislike him for beating up on my favorite fighters but as long as he's gonna be dominating the next 1000 years, as long as he's finishing and putting on a show I am alright with this.

Can't wait for Jones vs Gustaffon and Thiago Silva in their primes.