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Virgil Caine
01-04-2012, 12:47 PM
Source: http://www.dreamofficial.com/free/news/detail.php?id=1325351984

Translations by me.

For now, Fedor, Vadim, and Sasahara. Perhaps more to come later.


Q: In this match, you seemed to show improved punching technique. Do you agree?

Fedor: Yes, I think I have improved my striking overall. I have my own coaches and my coaches in Holland to thank for that.

Q: What is your impression of Ishii?

Fedor: I think Ishii is one of the strongest competitors in Japan. If he continues to dedicate himself I believe he can develop into a very good fighter.


Vadim (This one is a little rough, as it is Russian translated into Japanese and then into English).

I am very happy to get to work with Dream. I would like to speak a little bit on fighter exchange with Dream. I am thinking, regarding M-1 and Dream challenge matches, including title matches. In Russia, the popularity of MMA is exploding right now. The Ishii-Fedor match was attended by some 22,000 spectators. I think that MMA is developing worldwide. We would like through cooperation to compete for various organizations, such as we did here in Dream, and we also wish to provide a venue [M-1] ourselves for fighters to compete, in cooperation with other organizations. Last year, all of the people of Japan experienced a horrendous, heart wrenching earthquake. I would also like to send my deep condolenses regarding this. We always enjoy coming to Japan very much. In the future, we would like to continue to come to Japan and continue to work together with people in Japan.

Q: You are now in various negotiations with the Dream promotion; can you provide any specific details?

Vadim: We have events planned in Russia and in America, and I hope that we can book some Dream fighters for these cards. Today's card was broadcast live in Russia. We hope to broadcast more Dream events in the future. Also, we hope to have our champions fight in Japan.

Q: What is next for Fedor?

Vadim: At the present time, I can't say precisely. First he needs a rest, after that, if his body is healthy, and if he agrees, perhaps he will fight in March or April in Russia, and also in the Summer, perhaps in a match in Monaco, is what I am currently thinking.

*(Two notes on the last question: firstly, Vadim does not say "a tournament in Monaco". Secondly, based on reading the comments as a whole, it seems to me as he is referring to a situation where M-1 is planning an event in Monaco, and he hopes Fedor can be on the card. Those are my impressions.)


Keichi Sasahara (This one is a little rough- Sasahara's fault not mine).

2011 was a very tumultuous year; it was a difficult year; but, we managed to have a great New Years event, and were able to reach many people through mass communication; also, with IGF head Inoki, and the cooperation of Fields, we were able to bring it all to a successful conclusion, and I express my gratitude for that. Really, thank you very much. Speaking of the matches, it was a very long event, and I was worried that it could seem sluggish and never ending, but my impression now is that it was a great event. We had kickboxing matches, a woman's match, IGF matches; I did not feel nervousness during the event, and for instance the woman's match was better than might have been imagined, I think. Basically, MMA, pro wrestling, I feel that we have shown the ability to put great matches out. Today, we started at 3PM and finished at 12am, so that's 9 hours of fights. 9 hours is very long, isn't it (laughs). It was very long, and also very compact (?? I don't understand "compact", there is some nuance here), but also, I wanted to have a countdown, so we decided to make it a long event; it has been so long since we could have a countdown in the Saitama arena, and I think that it was for everyone a good way to pass into the new year, so I think it was great.

Q: How many spectators were there?

Sasahara: There were 24,606.

Q: What is the schedule for 2012?

Sasahara: I feel like dying; we just passed into the new year and you are already asking me these questions (laughter)? Regarding this year's schedule, as we have already announced, on 3/31 we are working with OneFC to have an event in Singapore. Regarding the exact details of this event I am not yet sure, but the people from OneFC were also here today as spectators to this event. I haven't received their comments yet regarding their impressions of the event, I'm anxious to get their feedback. I hope that working together, we can to interesting things, and I am very grateful; I look forward to 3/31, and also do not yet know entirely what to expect. Besides that, regarding domestic events, the first one is not yet fixed. It seems we will have an event around April or May. Sorry, but that is all I can say for now. This isn't related to the matches, but at the press conference on 12/30, Fedor appeared wearing a suit; I would like to explain about that suit. That suit was provided by Nobuhiko Takada. When Takada learned Fedor was coming, he had 4 or 5 really nice suits, including the jackets and trousers, neckties, and all, sent for Fedor. Fedor tried them on on the 29th, and he said "these are really nice." To have great support from so many people [such as Takada] really helped to ensure this event could go off without a hitch. Thank you for giving us so much of your time for this event.

01-04-2012, 10:32 PM
I approve!!!!

Virgil Caine
01-06-2012, 10:01 PM

Yusup Saadulaev

Q: Looking back on the match, what is your impression?

Yusup: I really didn't expect the match to be over so quickly. I think it was over a bit too quick. I had planned to take my time and work my technique a bit more. My opponent was a good striker, so I thought I would eventually take it to the ground.

Q: The through you finished the fight with, is that something you practice regularly?

Yusup: I trained with Russian Top Team, and we worked on many different types of throws. But, I didn't expect that I could get a KO from that kind of throw.

Q: The throw was from the back. Is that the angle for executing this throw which you were going for?

Yusup: I wasn't thinking of throwing him from his back, I was trying to set up side control.


Masakazu Imanari

Q: Tell us your feelings about the fight.

Imanari: I couldn't perform like I wanted to.

Q: What do you think about the decision?

Imanari: I lost, that's it.

Q: Were you trying to obtain the bottom position?

Imanari: I like the bottom, so I went there.

Q: It seemed you couldn't really seize a good hold of him.

Imanari: Yeah, it was difficult.

Q: You were unable to mount a good offense, was that because of your opponent's pressure?

Imanari: I think you saw it too clearly (e.g. you are correct).


Rodolfo Marquez Diniz

Q: Looking back, what are your feelings on the fight?

Diniz: Yesterday at the weigh ins, I was 2 kilos over and had to use my strength to lose weight, so I wasn't 100% for this fight. I feel some disappointment about that.

Q: What caused you to miss the weight?

Diniz: I believed from the start that 61 kilos wasn't really the ideal weight for me. Then, Japan was colder than I expected, and so during my practice, and also my rest, I did not lose enough weight, and so it was not a great situation.

Virgil Caine
01-06-2012, 10:02 PM
Dream NYE post-event comments

Post by nodogoshi Yesterday at 12:00 am

Masaaki Noiri

Q: What is your impression of the fight?

Noiri: I didn't perform as well as I wanted to. I just need to go reflect on points in the fight.

Q: You won by a wide decision, but still you are not satisfied with the result?

Noiri: I regret not getting the KO. Basically, I couldn't fight at my range, that was the main reason. It always feels different being in the ring during the fight, but I just couldn't do what I wanted in there. It was difficult.

Q: In the second round you caught him with a jumping knee, was that a critical hit?

Noiri: It was a clean hit, I think if I could have caught him in the chin it would have knocked him out, but I caught him in the cheek instead, so it was just a little off.

Q: You started competng in the K-1 highschool serious at 16, you must have many thoughts regarding your experience so far. What are your thoughts right now?

Noiri: I want to develop into a world-level fighter.


Kengo Sonada

Q: What are your thoughts on the fight?

Sonada: At the start of the first round I thought things were going as planned, but then in the second have of the round he put me down and that disrupted my pace and I didn't really recover; I am reflecting on that now.

Q: Your opponent Noiri is a strong fighter. What are your impressions of him now?

Sonada: He is a champ. He conducts his fights very well, and has very good power.

Q: This was your first NYE event, how do you feel about it now?

Sonada: I am very greatful to be called to fight on this stage. This was a very great experience, and I think it will help me very much in the future.

Q: What are your plans for the coming year?

Sonada: I really wanted to beat Noiri and to go forward to challange for the Krush belt, but now my feelings still have not changed. I am unshaken, I still intend to strive for the belt.


Yuuta Kubo

Q: You won by spectacular KO; what are your feelings about the fight?

Kubo: Fighting at NYE is a lot of pressure. Being called to fight on this stage, I feel like I am representing K-1; I am very pleased I could get the K-1 victory.

Q: What of your tactics?

Kubo: It wasn't going as I wanted it to, and after the second round my trainer yelled at me, "wake up!". He was quite angry. I had to really dig down at that point.

Q: You are icing your foot, was it painful to throw your kicks?

Kubo: After the second round, the body work had been effective, and I was told "throw your kicks", so I threw my kicks. I changed my standing technique, and was determined to get the KO. I told myself, I don't care if I break my foot, I will throw the kick with all my determination.

Q: What is the state of the injury?

Kubo: During the match, I switched my stance, and I had so much adrenaline, that I could not think about the injury; I couldn't even feel the pain. When the match ended, my foot was quite swollen, and sow now we are icing it. We will go have an X-ray later. Ahh, it is New Years; will any hospital be open? I guess we will need to find a hospital.

Q: What are your plans for 2012?

Kubo: I am pleased to be a K-1 fighter, but beyond that, I just want to continue to fight, and I want to become a fighter as strong and skilled as Masato. I still have a long ways to go as a fighter, so I just need to continue to work and improve. I will embrace the challenges one by one.

Q: You through many kicks; was that a conscious decision?

Kubo: Not really, but the body work shots were working effectively so I was throwing the middle kick to try to take my opponent's heart out of the fight; I continued to aim for the stomach and throw the middle kick.

Q: Was the high kick [knockout blow] intended as a body kick when you first threw it?

Kubo: I saw him drop his guard for a second and threw the kick high. I was able to time it very well, and knock him down, that is basically my recollection.

Q: Do you find the kicking-centric fighting approach comes somewhat easily?

Kubo: He presented a difficult and unorthidox style; he keeps his distance, and then he will close range and strike. The fight didn't really develop the way I had expected it to.

Q: What could you have done better in the fight?

Kubo: My trainer got quite angry, and said "you are leaving too much distance". What is more, "too hard, don't force" he said. But, it was my first NYE, and was a very big experience; this experience will help me going forward. I will improve as a fighter out of this.

Q: On the opposite end, what was positive?

Kubo: Well, the high kick KO naturally. Fighting at NYE was tremendous, and owing to this I really wanted to get the KO, and so I am very happy about the finish.

Q: Are you pleased to have consecutive KO victories?

Kubo: Yeah, really, it's that way, isn't it. I don't really think about these things, I am just thinking about working harder in my training. I don't want to become conceited, I am just very firm with myself. I am very happy to have consecutive KOs.

Q: We are broadcasting live on Nico Nico; say something to your fans.

Kubo: For tuning in to Nico Nico today, and for watching my fight, I thank you very much. Over the coming year I will continue to strive very hard in my kickboxing fights, so please watch.