View Full Version : Story of Fedor/M-1 being a diva and requesting their own bus DEBUNKED

01-03-2012, 09:09 PM
The true complete story finally comes out.

It wasnt fedor being and diva or m-1 global requiring the whole bus.

As much as im a fan of "the voice", the guy could have just caught a taxi, that tight arse aussie.

joel jamieson

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fedor did not ask for a bus to himself, it's all bs. I was there with bibiano and mach and i was on the second bus that schiavello was on. There were two buses that went from the hotel to the arena and back. After the fight, there is a press conference and interviews that all the fighters have to do.

Fedor was asked to do more interviews than everyone else and so rather than make both buses wait to leave until he was done, they told everyone that was on the bus fedor was on that they could all get on the other bus if they wanted to leave sooner. The second bus had to wait until fedor was done with his interviews, it had nothing to do with him wanting the whole bus to himself.

We ended up waiting forever on the other bus not because of anything to do with fedor but because we had to wait for one of the staff members from dream that was wrapping things up. Nobody had to wait because of fedor and fedor did not ask for his own bus. The whole story is bs.