View Full Version : Merry Christmas !!!! - Ring 8 Christmas Party

12-25-2011, 12:28 PM
I wish all of you as well as your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas!!

Last Sunday Ring 8 had there Christmas Party at Russo's of the Bay. They honored Roy Jones Jr., John Ruiz, Tomasz Adamek, Emanuel Steward, Ziggy Rozalski, Keith Sullivan, Jill Diamond, Frank Pena, Marcus Brown, Michael DeLaRue, Ralph Petrillo, Philip Pilevsky, Delvin Rodriquez, Pawel Wolak and yours truly Henry Hascup.

Here's the Ring 8 web site with 100's of pictures, plus you can click onto another web site to see the video and 100's more pictures.


I was told that when I was giving my speech, Roy Jones Jr., was in tears. Jack Hirsh stated he he couldn't take his eyes off me. So I can always say that I made one of the Greatest fighters of all-times, cry.

Thanks, Henry Hascup