View Full Version : I have not felt any buzz for UFC 141.

TR vs. GB
12-23-2011, 12:49 PM
Why has this card from my perspective literally not been advertised? I know a few buddies who I consider casual ufc fans they had no idea Lesnar was fighting on the 30th. They used to follow the sport much more in like 2009 but I think they are just sick of a ppv every 2-3 weeks and no longer keep up with it at all. I have not seen a commercial or heard anything on the radio about it or even on the internet advertising it really.

12-23-2011, 02:33 PM
UFC has really dropped the ball when it comes to advertising recently.

Luckily I have a close group of friends who are legit MMA fans so I've felt the hype.

El Pistolero
12-23-2011, 02:55 PM
Their advertising hasn't been too good lately. I think they're more focused on the platform with FOX since it'll mean more exposure etc

12-23-2011, 06:39 PM
I told my friend about it he said I was lying because the UFC is always on Saturday.


12-23-2011, 06:42 PM
I was one of the lucky 2500 that will be getting it for free in HD through Xbox live. Not a huge mma fan but I like overeem

12-24-2011, 01:37 AM
**** is kinda crzy i think they wanted to see Lesnars pull..... I think he will Kill Overeem.... Friday LMAO what blows.....?

12-24-2011, 01:42 AM
Whats UFC? Is that a new Fried Chicken Chain of restaurants?

12-24-2011, 01:43 AM
I am absolutely buzzing for this event!

Nate Diaz vs Cowboy Cerrone, Gustafsonn vs The Janitor and Brock vs Overeem, dang!

Can not wait to watch Lesnars fat noggin fly out the octagon when it gets clattered with the uberknee!

12-24-2011, 03:07 AM
What? I can't wait for this event and it's probably gonna sell around a million ppv as well

12-24-2011, 10:14 AM
other than myself. No one in my real life gives a ****...