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Kenny MF Powers
12-20-2011, 12:39 PM
Crazy ****.


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"Exiled UFC fighter Junie Browning, who is being sought by Phuket police in Thailand for his participation in a bar-room brawl that carried over to a local hospital, went on the lam last week to avoid a hit put out on him by the mafia, who threatened to kill him if he doesn’t meet their financial demands.
Browning is currently holed up in an International safehouse as he plots his next move.
He was originally seeking extradition via the United States Embassy; however, his new priority is to get immediate medical attention to treat the wounds suffered in his attack, which have left him in “severe pain” with “fainting and dizzy spells and severe head trauma.”

Junie Brownings version of what happened to him in Thailand
“Sunday night, we arrived at a small bar in Karon with two other females, one of which was friends with the owner. It happened to be the owner of the bar’s birthday, Simon Wilson Menzies. So he was surrounded by a group of 12-15 of his closest friends who had been drinking in celebration previous to our arrival. My girlfriend and I had a few drinks, and seeing we didn’t know anyone, had decided to leave to go home. We had contacted a cab and he was on his way to meet us. He would call when he arrived. A discussion via text message with one of the girls I had arrived with resulted in MJ Castro and Simon Menzies confronting me in the street.

MJ was screaming and swinging her hands in front of my face. I do not know why she was mad. Nothing that I had said involved her or her friends whatsoever. I assumed she was mad that we were leaving the party because we were on our way out to meet our cab. Without any notice I found myself in a physical altercation with Simon in the street.

I could tell from the moment he stepped in front of me, he was looking for a fight. At this point, it just involved me and Simon, my girlfriend standing next to us. In only a few seconds, my girlfriend was thrown across the street and I had been hit from behind in the back of the head by a glass beer bottle. I stood up looking for my attacker and found myself surrounded by a mob of people.

It was no longer a man on man ‘bar brawl’ but a fight for my survival. I was trying to defend myself in the street when at some point I fell back to the ground. They drug me back into the bar where they pummeled me with punches and kicks. It was me against everyone. For a second time I received a mass blow over the head with a thick glass mug that split my head open and made me fall to the floor. I curled up in the fetal position, submissive, and I continued to be kicked and hit. My arms up covering my face I felt a slice to my forearm and another stab to my neck. A Thai girl had a knife and was attacking my head with it. I must have lost consciousness from blood loss because the next thing I knew, my girlfriend had sprawled her body on top of mine to protect me from any more blows. She was screaming that it was “enough” and that the fight was over. She was taking kicks in my place until a bystander grabbed me by the shoulders and drug my body down the steps into the street. All of my attackers remained standing in the bar unharmed. I was going in and out of consciousness which I am assuming was from my head trauma while the ambulance arrived and I was transported to the hospital. My girlfriend accompanied me in the emergency vehicle drenched in by blood and witnessed the paramedics revive me by CPR twice.
They began to assess my wounds and stitch up the three large gashes on my head. Without any consideration to my safety or the events that had just occurred, they placed both Menzies, accompanied by MJ Castro, and the man who had attacked me with a mug, in the beds right beside me. Needless to say, I became furious and again words were exchanged. As it escalated a second time into a physical fight… Security and Patong Police arrived and restrained all parties. I was taken into the waiting lobby on a stretcher in handcuffs in front of numerous people to finish giving me medical attention.
At no point was I rude or uncooperative with either the medical staff or the police. Taken into consideration the severity of my wounds and my demeanor and my girlfriend’s statement, the police officer removed my handcuffs. We were told by the officer that we should stay the night in the hospital to have my head monitored and would be able to go home with no charges the next morning. It was obvious to him that I was the victim.

My intentions were to file a police report in the morning and deal with this in a civil manner. Hours later, my phone began to ring with numerous reliable sources stating that we were not safe and we needed to leave now! They said that local Thais and mafia had a price on my head and were headed to the hospital and both my girlfriend and my life were at risk. We were told to trust or talk to no one and to just leave. We are aware that the mafia is a real thing and took this very seriously. We panicked and decided that our best option was to escape in the middle of the night and hope we could make it home.

My girlfriend pulled out my IV and jumped a fence to find a taxi to come pick me up. When one arrived, I jumped in and we headed home to pack. Two friends came banging on the door, which we didn’t answer for fear of who it might be. They continued to bang on the windows until we realized who it was. We do not want to mention their names to protect them from being associated with the situation and any harm that may come to them. They said there was no time, that I needed to hide. They even mentioned that if my girlfriend was found, they would kill or harm her in attempt to find me.
The next day I received two separate phone calls from MJ Castro (which I was informed is not her real name) and Simon Menzie saying that we needed to pay several hundred thousand baht or they would continue to hunt us. In addition, facebook messages and phone calls flooded in from friends and acquaintances telling us we were in big trouble and needed to get back to the US quickly and again to speak to no one.

To this point I have been unable to seek the medical attention that I desperately need. My vision in my right eye is impaired; I am in severe pain; I am going through fainting and dizzy spells, and have severe head trauma.
All we are asking for is help from people we can trust which brings us here now. We are victims of a viscous assault and attempt on our lives. We are seeking the assistance of the U.S. Embassy and want to clear my name of the wrong-doing I was accused of.”"

$Full Clip$
12-20-2011, 12:56 PM
This mother****er cant stay outta trouble even if he tried.

Kenny MF Powers
12-20-2011, 01:08 PM
This mother****er cant stay outta trouble even if he tried.
Thats exactly what I was thinking. Definitely makes the story seem suspect. Sure, he was just hanging out and dude wanted to **** him up, come on man...

Maybe if he hadnt been on The Ultimate Fighter I could consider the story as a possible truth...

12-21-2011, 01:14 AM
I thot it was bs but after reading the story and seeing the pictures and realizing his a$$ is in thailand of all places, theres gotta be at least some truth to it. Like i most def believe the thais want his a$$ dead

Kenny MF Powers
12-21-2011, 01:24 AM
I definitey believe he got ****ed up, just not sure about the whole nice guy got attacked story.

Virgil Caine
12-21-2011, 01:50 AM
I definitey believe he got ****ed up, just not sure about the whole nice guy got attacked story.

Guarantee he brought it on himself and most likely got what he deserved.

12-21-2011, 03:48 AM
WOOOOOAAAHHH !!! He earned himself some pretty fking intense scars !

12-21-2011, 04:12 AM
WOOOOOAAAHHH !!! He earned himself some pretty fking intense scars !

that is a serious scar!

12-21-2011, 01:33 PM
Thats got to be bull****. You dont have the mafia putting a hit out on you for nothing. Crazy **** though, its like the hangover or something.