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12-11-2011, 10:36 PM
In boxing its sucks if lower weight fighters dont have power cuz its a guarenteed decsion, but in mma theres plenty of ways to finish a fight standing or on the ground.

The 4 man flyweight title tournament that the UFC has announced is sick

Ian Uncle Creepy McCall has put in his work on the flyweight curcuit and became an unofficial poster boy for the class but hes taking on a monster in mighty mouse, his wrestling is just proving to be too much for the lighter weight fighters and against fighters his size its gonna be hell. McCall couldnt get through Valencia at 135, hes not beating DJ at 125.

Joseph Benavidez is facing Yasuhiro Uru****ani, who has a solid record but i just cant put stock in any fighters fighting mainly in japan anymore. The wrestling and size in America is too much as well as the savage striking from brazil, Joe B is a top 5 135er, argueably top 3, i would be real surprised if he doesnt take advantage of this oppertunity and seize his coronation. Its his for the taking, his overall game is sick, his wrestling is too good for those who cant wrestle and his scambles and speed are to good with those with better wrestling then him. Add to that power in his hands and solid if not a bit wild striking hes officially the 125 pound Urijah Faber. Thats bad news for Mighty Mouse whos wrestling may not be good enough for those scrambles and his stand up def aint at joe b's level.

I look at it as Joe and DJ as the favorites, Yasuhiro the underdog and McCall the dark horse

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12-13-2011, 12:10 PM
D. Johnson will completely dominate McCall with his speed and wrestling. I think yasuhiro has a better shot then McCall. You pretty much got the best 4 flyweights already right here. Johnson vs Benevidez would be a wild ass fight.

12-17-2011, 02:41 AM
finally. this is gonna give the UFC a lot more good main events and co-main events for all their extra shows they're gonna have this year.