View Full Version : The English are coming...

12-11-2011, 01:46 AM
On the Lesnar vs Overeem card we got Ross 'The Real Deal' Pearson vs Junior Assuncao in his first fight at featherweight
On the Aldo vs Mendes card we got Terry Etim vs Edson Barboza at lightweight, Dis will be a f***in sick fight you know. Barboza scraped a split decision against Pearson in his last fight which was a f***in war i swear down. I ent seen much of Etim but he looked Pumped in his first fight back in 18 months at UFC 138. He's now 5-1 in the UFC.
Then Vaughan Lee vs Norifumi Yamamoto at UFC 144 Japan. Vaughan was poor in his debut at UFC 138, i ent expecting much from him in the UFC, but Pearson i can see not bein to far off a featherweight title shot against Aldo, and Etim i ent to sure wahgwarn wid him still, but f*** me am i lookin forward to his fight with the unbeaten Barboza eh