View Full Version : Eddie Goldman speaks with Vadim Finkelchtein

11-27-2011, 05:48 PM

*Fedor vs. Monson event had 7.5 million viewers in Russia with viewership's from other countries to come.

*Fedor vs. Cain idea was created by media but Vadim is interested in the idea. But not interested in crazy UFC demands and restrictive contracts. Fedor will never be a Zuffa fighter only and will never be a slave to Zuffa. Vadim also thinks that Dana is hard to negotiate with.

*M-1 are flexible with negotiations with a record in working with other promotions like Dream and Pride, and could negotiate Cain vs. Fedor in Russia or Europe and thinks he could fill a 40-45k venue.

*The Fedor and Monson fight had 22k in attendance and ring side tickets were $5,000 a piece which sold out very quickly a week prior. UFC without M-1 Global can only get 12k for events in mainland Europe. M-1 thinks it can get 40-45k for a Fedor v Cain.

*Vadim thinks respects between fighters is important. Monson shows this in his fight. Putin talked to Monson the day after the fight to see if he was ok and to offer him any help.

*Vadim was at France in discussion with the broadcaster Eurosport, also wants to have an event in Monaco which im guessing would be a very high profile, with plenty of millionaires and billionaires in attendance. Also planning for 6 shows in America next year and 6 shows in Europe including 3 major events.