View Full Version : Nothing but the best

11-13-2011, 09:32 PM
Ok guys this type of bs is why i think boxing is on its last standing leg. I want thank maywether, ortiz, paq.arum, judges,hopkins, sulaiman, ariza, especially roach. so we all saw what happened when maywether fought a young fresh lion like ortiz..... then we saw hopkins get terribly injured. Now i just recently saw the best fighter of this decade (lose) against a 38 yr old shell of a fighter. Whats going on here? Again i ask you fans and casual fans to please explain to me why this ***** is goin on and no one is doing anything from stopping it. Why would i pay money to watch a guy whos been knocked out by a midget and a guys whos been cherry picking his whole protected career? please discuss...............:boxing: