View Full Version : Pickett vs Barao is a MUCH WATCH TOMORROW NIGHT!

11-04-2011, 11:27 PM
British fans always biitch about not getting big fights but this is a HUGGGGEEEE FIGHT FOR THE BANTAMWEIGHT DIVISION! Seriously. Brad Pickett is the freakin man the boy loves to scrap and ie never in a dull fight. If you ever are bored watch him vs cumstain jorgenson sick fight! Barao is a brutal Brazilian on a nasty tear. His striking his phenominal and his bjj is up to par as well he's a huge favorite but pickett is a ****ing warrior so this will be a fight of the year canidadate no problem.

Pickett beat mighty mouse who just fought cruz and theirs no real contender that Cruz hasn't fought already so the winner here could get a title shot when their fight blows my mind. I don't mind the rest of the card but **** it the only reason I'd be switching over from kirkland vs angulo is for this ****in fight!

Money Shot
11-04-2011, 11:38 PM
does anybody even care about this thing? I mean Leben :lol1: The guy is a joke bum. And these bantamweights, who cares. Sorry mate, this card sucks like a dyson on steroids.

11-05-2011, 12:33 AM
You dont watch much mma do you haha you do know ufc bantamweight is 135 like boxings lightweight divison and Edgar is the same weight class as kirkland and angulo? The only reason bantamweight is dull is because of dominick Cruz who only cares about speed and footwork and points. Edgar is nice because he knows how to turn his power on. Bantamweight was sick when miguel torres reigned and finished fights.

It will be relevant when cruz is dethroned. These two are two of the best exciting bantamweights who finish fights. It will be a gatti-ward classic if their chins hold up from the war they will get into and any mma fan knows british cards are some of the best action from top to bottom they aren't huge match UPS but they always deliever the best fights. Watch UFC Bedlam or UFC 95 one day from top to bottom and then try to tell me those cards suck.

11-06-2011, 12:39 AM
what an awesome fight it was, Pickett can take a hell of a beating.
still think he can get some good wins in the ufc, even if he lost tonight.

most of the card was awesome.

Che Mills debut against Chris Cope. holy fkin cow!
Terry Etims long awaited comeback. holy fkin cow!

Alves gave Abedi one hell of a debut fight and looked like the Alves of old. Perrosh survived the striking of Diabate and really showed his ground game skills. Maguire vs Edwards, Edwards came out on fire, and dropped Maguire and looked like he might stop him, Maguire came roaring back to win the round and the next two. Omigawa vs Young was a bit lame cause Omi was so passive when he got top position. Cariaso vs Lee was entertaining too.

The heavyweight fight was the only **** one

Main event ended prematurely but Munoz was finally living up to the hype, Leben is not a bum at all, the guy has many legit wins.

11-16-2011, 11:50 AM
Trust me, was a sick fight. Pickett has some serious power in his punches, but Barao does aswell lol. Swear down they were trading some huge blows man. You see how quick Renan was to get they submission ? Madness. Love Picketts walkout entry aswell, lmao, weirdest i've ever seen.
Vaughan Lee was disappointing.
Maguire's got some heavy wrestling skills yu know, for a Brit anyway. Decent chin aswell.
Watch out for Etim at Lightweight i'm tellin yah!

The Heavyweight fight was poor, I expected more from Phil De Fries, 'cos Broughton is a fockin s*** fighter, too fat man not a patch on "Big Country" either.
It would have been a MUCH better fight if Oli Thompson (Former Britains Strongest Man and World's Strongets Man competitor, who's cut down bare size) didn't pull out injured .....

11-16-2011, 03:44 PM
Yeah it definitely was crazy barao is a beast. They need to give him a title shot since cruz beat everybody else . Leban kinda quit but sick fight cant really blame him if he did lose 20lbs on weigh in day. Im glad alves finished early. Losing to story was a guys step back but the mań can be a top fighter again. Holy **** che millz is right haha glad to see him back!

11-18-2011, 08:51 AM
Joe was saying Barao is now 19 undefeated in MMA or sumin, madness dat is, Pickett was devastated to lose aswell, he obviously thought he could win enit. He's got some serious heart has Pickett, Yu see dat knee he took ad the blows while on the ground, i guess the ref never stopped it cos he knows Brad can take that punishment.
Barao needs dat shot at Cruz now, next UFC Bantamweight champion im sayin fam.
Can't even remember the Mills fight still. I'm looking forward to seeing dem to scousers Etim and Sass in action again, althoug Sass never fought dat night