View Full Version : Mike Cleary (Not Johnny Tuscan McGinty)

10-17-2011, 03:37 AM
For a long while this photo has been circulating around the internet by many boxing enthusiast (myself especially) as being Johnny McGinty, but is actually of Irishman Mike Cleary:


This really is a huge shame as there is even less info about McGinty than I originally thought. I want to thank boxing historian judge jab for his research in correcting this long standing error, hopefully we can finally unlock some more info regarding McGinty. Anyway, here is more on Mike Cleary:

Mike Cleary (born May 19, 1858 in County Laois, Ireland September 5, 1893 in Belfast, New York) was an Irish-American boxer.

Cleary was born in County Laois, and emigrated to the United States. Cleary was quick and scrappy and willing to mix it up; A number of men, including Jim Corbett, called Cleary one of the hardest hitters they had ever seen.

During his career, Cleary defeated such men as*Harry Hicken, George Rooke, William Sheriff, Jack Fay and Mike Smith. On October 18, 1882 he defeated the Middleweight Champion of America, John Rooke, in 3 rounds. Rooke had promised to knock Cleary out before the fourth round.

Cleary suffered an accident which resulted in the amputation of a foot in 1893. He developed tuberculosis and died the same year. He was buried in Belfast, New York, but his body was moved next to his mother's plot at New Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1