View Full Version : So why did Dana White pull Diaz out of GSP fight?

Ring Leader
09-09-2011, 02:13 AM
Makes no sense at all. And then sticks him in there with BJ Penn? This is a noodle scratcher. If Dana White was really mad he would have cut his ass and said go to boxing or whatever you want to do. Just because he didnt go to one press conference? SERIOUSLY!?!?! Like why? This is why Dana pisses me the **** off.

Takes away all the good fights so we can see this diluted ****. And all this bull **** YES YES GSP vs Silva fight if they both win their next fight. Its all bull **** man. If it werent for Dana White mma would be more popular to boxing fans i think. That guy turns me off and pisses me off looking at him. ****ing *******