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If you sign up for boxing do not for one second believe that this will be easy. Boxers are a special breed of people, under the lights they will war by the ancient manuscript. This sport is time tested; as a test of man, a test of man against man and more to the pont its will against will. It is instinct my man, that keeps you walking forward through a punch. Its the same when you eat one that leaves you looking out of the glaring white window where you see a boxer, hes close yet hes so far. LMAO, when you can tell me that you know exactly what that means then I will for sure know that you've been in there.

You will learn to walk through the punches if you have the balls to stay that long. If you have discovered that then you will certainly know how to block out the pain. In golf you might have a sore shoulder, but in this game you may have a sore and swollen body and face. You must undertand that pain is in the mind. It is certainly in the body but essentially it s the mind that controls what the pain is goingto do. Regular people on the street have no idea of how much pain is controled by the mind. I see the hot stuff suit walkig briskly with his briefcase swining in his hurried state. In the crowded newyork sidewalk it was inevitable that a collision was in the near future. Sure enough, a man exits a conversation and turns walking toward our suit. The man is starttled by the fast approching suit and the mans hand flys up, striking the suit in the mouth. The suit stops instantly and puts his hand to is mouth. Lifting his fingers infront of his face he sees his fingers smeared with blood. The suit instantly begins jumping up and down ranting and raving. The suit lost his cool. In this sport it can cost you alot of pain to lose your cool. Pain, something that you will and must learn to deal with after the fight, there is no time to think about it during the fight. During the fight your mind must be focused on the punches coming in at your body and face. Your mind must be focused on the subtle movements of your opponent, his mechanics and his rythme. But most of all you must be focused on the future, the near future. Of what you want to work offensively and defnsively all in minute fractions of a second. You dont have time to preoccupy your mind with pain.

Before te bell ever rings will you have made a commitment, as a fighter you must finish your sceduled rounds. Whether it be amatuer or pro, spparring or fighting. Alot of people would like to be able to say that that were fighters. The sad part of it is that most of thesepople have never even had a sanctioned bout. Never be one of those guys. These guys will fold in a second when serious trouble sets in. But you, as a fighter must not only not fold but rather come firing as you force your way out of a corner. You signed up to be a fighter, and any fighter that is worth anything will finish his rounds. There is an honor amongst the boxing circle, its the honor of figters. Knowing that we have been in war, won some lost some but always showed up the next day for war again. Against other fighters or the man standing directly infront of you, gloved as you are just waiting for the bell, you know. You know that he knows and likewise, the pride...........................Rockin'

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