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08-03-2011, 11:39 AM
i started boxing alittle while ago, and i must admit, i am not a fast learner the first day i hit the speedbag, heavy, double end, basically everything, and even the mitts with the trainer, i hit the mitts about 2 more times when i went there and now when i go he dosnt take time to hit mits with me or teach me anything new, he has taught me the left hook, jab and right straight, put it in a combo for me and he taught me a 3 uppercut, left hook combo. now i normally just practice that by myself and we never hit mitts, the last time we did i was pretty bad, i basically was screwing up, like he would say right hook, right dodge(turn, rotation, whatever u call it) right hook, left, right left, hook and i messed up doing left jab, rotate right hook and so on, basically id ,make the same mistake twice.

since that i havnt hit the mit, for the most part there have been actual fighters in his gym when i go so is he just taking priority over his fighters(which i understand) then me who to him is probably just a random at his gym

or does he think that i have no skill or will not make a good fighter?

regardless i am going to stick with this because i enjoy it and i dont want to quit, plus i think i wil enjoy it more when i can sparr. i just am wondering if i should just practice all the stuff ive learnt so far and wait till he thinks im ready or should i just try to learn other combonations by myself? maybe he recognizes im a little slow and dosnt want to overload me?

either way i am not going to quit and will keep going in and practicing regardless because it is the only way to progress and proove any negativity wrong.

*OG Wenger*
08-03-2011, 11:48 AM
Dude you can't expect the coach to hold your hand all the time. If you are having problems with something than ask him but you can't expect him to devout all his time to you 24/7.

08-03-2011, 11:53 AM
ye i know, im just not use to individual sports i guess, i wasnt really concerned about the doing something wrong part, i was more concerned about the when will i 'learn something new' or is he just letting me practice before i move forward, i think im just use to learning something new every class, which im starting to realize boxing isnt like that, it invovles more time and dedication

08-03-2011, 12:16 PM
Just go in there and work hard, that is what your coach will appreciate. Before you know it he will be giving you more and more attention as you continue to improve.

08-03-2011, 02:12 PM
makes sense, im probably overthinking this

08-03-2011, 02:40 PM
Keep at it man, I'm not a very fast learner either, just prove your worth in sparring when you get the chance. I've taken beatings and will never quit.

08-03-2011, 02:46 PM
The same thing happened to my son, or so I thought, in the beginning. He was taught very little and the first time he sparred I felt he was thrown to the wolves. He got beat right out of the ring. 4 times. By a girl with some experience. But every day he showed up and worked hard, the hardest in the gym. And litle by little the coaches were noticing. The last time they sparred she dropped her hands and stepped out of the ring. She hasn't brought her mouthpiece since, its been over a month. He also retired two other more experienced boys in the gym. My point is this, don't focus on those other guys. Be the hardest worker in the gym and show up every day. Before you know the coaches will notice and start giving you more attention. You'll get it if you want it bad enough.

08-03-2011, 02:48 PM
well the thing is that he needs to focus on the guys that are competing in the amateurs and stuff. everybody who starts out in boxing kind of has to go through that where the coach is not gonna spend much time really focusing on you until he really sees you working your ass off and showing some signs of being good and just getting to that next level where youre maybe ready to spar and understand boxing. did he ask you if you wanna compete or just box for fun without wanting to become a fighter? if you want him to focus on you then you need to tell him you want to fight, then you'll be one of his guys and he will teach and work with you. if youre just there to train and learn boxing (which is cool, nothing wrong with that) then you have to understand that the guys who compete need him to work with them. its just part of it

you dont need him to watch over you at all times. you can study other guys (amateurs) in your gym, watch their style, how they work the bag, how they spar, their moves and all that stuff. pick their brain, talk to them. they are willing to help you, just ask them. once you get to know one of them you can just ask him to do some light sparring with you, it doesnt have to be in a ring or with a coach reffing, you can just do it somewhere in the corner. light sparring, just get some experience on how to move and what to look for, work on your defense and stuff

bottom line dont wait for the coach to teach you stuff, if he doesnt see you make progress on your own he probably wont bother focusing on you and train you later on

Pony Boy
08-03-2011, 03:11 PM
I think that you're expectating to learn boxing in a short period of time and that's not going to happen. Boxing takes time and lots of patience. A first it may even be boring but you have o do the time learning he fundamentals of the sport. It also sounds like your coach was trying to teach you combos before you even learn how to throw the basic punches. Again boxing takes times and many repetitions to learn. Once you learn, then the fun begins putting together various combos on the mitts. Try practicing the basic punches while shadow boxing and hitting the bags until your coach tells you doing it right. For example: master the jab before you move onto the right cross, and the one, two before going to the hook, and so on. It sounds like your not a quitter and that counts for something. Good luck training.

08-03-2011, 08:34 PM
thanks for the replies, to bullrush i told him the first day i wanted to sparr. it dosnt make sense to me to box and not fight, to me its like joining a hockey team and only going to practice

to pony boy, yeah i guess thats another reason this question arised, i was getting a little bored of doing the same combo over and over again, and maybe my coach just thought i could handle what he was teaching me, hes a good coach though, seems passionate, so i will trust his judgement and keep training

08-05-2011, 11:08 AM
Are you a slow learner or a bad listener? People will often have more patience for someone who can't quite get the hang of it, but is willing to try and take in all the information they can. People have little patience for someone who gets all ADD and starts throwing a bunch of incorrect hooks and uppercuts when all they were supposed to do is throw a jab. Especially if you've spent a bunch of time showing them how to do it.

That or he's just busy, and if you work hard, he'll notice... if he doesn't, he's a douche.
(working hard doesn't mean 1 week of busting ass then getting pissed if he doesn't notice, it means a lifetime of being focused and working/training hard at everything you do)

08-05-2011, 06:16 PM
first off this guy doesnt sound too legit but unfortunately you arent going to get better by doing the same combos every day for hours you need to first start with just working the jabs and right straights then find out what kind of fighter you would be like are you tall or short? powerful or fast? and then make your style around that and do your homework and find out what kind of shots you should be focusing on for example a short power hitter like tyson would do body shots, uppercuts, and hooks(of course still practicing other jabs) and a tall fast guy like ali would really focus on jabs and right cross' and also dont jump into 8 punch combos like just do 3 or 4 punches for example do just a jab a few times then a jab and right a few times then a jab a right n a left hook n build up from there and eventually doing a lot more punches depending on your style and your really got speak up. if youre a quiet little ***** the trainers arent going to want to train with you cuz they dont know what youre thinking like maybe you dnt care about boxing and just wanna get in shape so really speak up ask questions, ask for help, do lots of running, pullups, pushups, and whiel you first start dont lift weights itll slow you down in the beginning. trust me on this one guy, my trainer was trained by teddy atlas and im his only client so he teaches me a lot