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07-21-2011, 12:47 PM
I was looking into getting a water heavy bag. The research I've done says that the water bags without foam are better, being less soft and more durable. Powair ones were supposed to be good, but discontinued and I can't find ones without foam anywhere. So that leaves Ringside Tsunami and Title Liquishock.

I'm about 150lb, but have small bones, real small hands, I wouldn't be a hard hitter. All the FAQs say if you're under 170lb a suitable weight bag is 60-70lb. But a water heavy bag is real small because water is dense, like the Tsunami 105lb is 30" long whereas those 100lb banana heavy bags are 6 feet long. I like the idea of a longer bag because you can punch to any level rather than just head height.

There's a video of someone using a 65lb Tsunami here: w ww. youtube. com/watch?v=CfB1h3wFpD8 which is supposed to be the correct weight for me. He would be able to hit harder than me, but even still he's making the bag move too much to set up combinations, and also the bag spins. Maybe because it's rubber it catches on the glove and that makes it spin. Also, water heavy bags aren't supposed to sway much but he's moving it a lot. And the video shows that the bag is extremely small.

There's a video here: w ww. youtube. com/watch?v=aODZJB7IihY of a big person using a 140lb Title Liquishock (smallest bag they make). It's got a vinyl-canvas exterior I think so it doesn't spin, and also the bag is quite long so you can punch low or high. The one he's using is 15.5 by 36", but the current ones available at 140lb are 13" by 32", so actually a bit shorter. The Tsunami 105lb is 30" long, but I don't know if it will balance the same as the Title. I haven't seen a video of one.

I'm interested in the Title 140lb, but concerned that it will be too heavy for me. Given that water heavy bags are easy on your hands, if the bag doesn't sway is this a problem? Like will I be disadvantaged by using a 140lb bag instead of one under 100lb?

Edit: I had to break up the links because I can't post links to URLs until I've made more than 15 posts.

07-21-2011, 01:07 PM
the tsunami looks pretty terrible

UPDATE-MAY 6th 2011-The bag now has 2 tiny 1-2 centimeter cracks/holes at the seams where the 4 hooks go in. Everytime I hit it sprays water out of it. Easily fixed with rubber glue but its breaking down faster than I thought.

the title bag looks good, you wont get much movement from it though

07-21-2011, 01:43 PM
Yeah, I only noticed the update he had written about the holes at the seams of the Tsunami when I posted the link. I think I read someone else report the same thing about the Tsunami also.