View Full Version : Going into my 11th week of Boxing.

07-17-2011, 10:22 PM
just looking 4 more additional help on a daily plan , because i feel like im doing it too much day by day on how i feel and would like to start getting a schedule going , some of ya'll have been doing it longer than i have and maybe can help me out.

When i first started at the gym i was barely able to get past the conditioning and didnt even make it to the boxing stages thats how i tired i was, and i barely could run a mile.

now going into my 11th week im up to 3 or 4 miles in the morning, 2 sets of 60 yard sprints (Down and back counts as one)

another Set of Touch Sprints on the track (Sprint to the numbers then touch the number, Sprint back and do a set of push ups in between each sprint)

...Then later that day i go to the gym , i warm up 4 or 5 rounds of jump roping , then 6 or 7 rounds on the Bag , 2 or 3 rounds on the double bag , 3 Sets of Sledge hammer work (each set do 20-25) .... then 3 sets of Box Jumps ...

then before i leave i do two more rounds of jump roping and then finish up with some ab work

i enter the gym around 180 im now 163 ...im way more cut up and looking back at how i was from my first day overall how i couldnt even get past the conditioning to where im at now i feel is pretty decent after 11 weeks

But my question to anyone that is willing to help is i feel like i need more of a real schedule , im doing most of my workout on how my body feels that day and i think eventually i could get stuck and stop my improvement..

and also after 11 weeks am i behind even for a starter after 11 weeks should i have been further along by now?? im asking because im taking it serious and i know i need a better workout resume.

if anyone thinks they have a good schedule for someone like myself a Beginner just 11 weeks in could you possibly PM me or give me some solid ideas in here, because right now it feels like im just freestyling my workouts...Thank you