View Full Version : Jason "Shotgun" Young!

06-12-2011, 01:22 AM
Can you look any better in defeat? LMAO @ the boy going "sorry for stalling in the 3rd" admitting he had to LNP to get the job done, it is what it is, but the 1st TWO ROUNDS WERE SICK! On this MMA site I go on HERE WAS A HUGGGGE underdog, but I had this feeling I should pick him because I felt everybody was counting him out too early and he almost pulled it off!

It was something special because usually when somebody comes at you with some crazy ass offensive striking you see fighters get shook and resort to LNP. My man had DEFENSE! Thats why I think their's so much LNP nowadays because ain't nobody got any damn defense anymore. They afraid to get hit they resort to shooting right away, even if they ain't wrestlers. He blocked some big shots and countered with his own. Had better leg kicks then Cerrone I thought!

Watch out for the boy Shotgun, the man got tremendous upside! I love the boy in his corner too Brad Pickett, these mota****in brits are scrappy as hell!

06-12-2011, 01:47 AM
He looked good, man. He took it out of Poirier. I'm curious to know what would have happened if he wouldn't have Clay'd and Prayed