View Full Version : Thomas Fires Back At New Talk From Mayorga

06-01-2011, 05:20 AM
From MMA Spot .net

Over a year removed from a fight that never was, the friction between Din Thomas and Ricardo Mayorga has still not subsided. Mayorga has continuously made statements regarding fights with mixed martial arts fighters and has been largely ignored, until now. As the one-year mark from the failed Shine Fights “Worlds Collide” event that was to be headlined by Mayorga vs. Thomas passed, Thomas—who has not fought since then—still wants to settle the score with the former boxing champion.

In a statement to MMA Spot’s Andrew Yount, the nine-time UFC veteran relit the flame that the two began burning over a year ago.
“Comedian Steve Harvey said, ‘Dogs don't bark at parked cars...they only bark at cars that are moving.’ This couldn't be more evident than all the Chihuahua style yappin' from Ricardo Mayorga. It's easy to yap when there’s people to protect him at press conferences, weigh-ins, and now on Twitter. He claims to want to fight Nick Diaz, B.J. Penn, and myself, of course. He had his chance with me at Shine Fights last May in Fayetteville, N.C. and he didn't show up.”
Thomas went on to explain how he saw the situation surrounding Mayorga’s unwillingness to step into the ring against him last May............>>