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Sam Donald
05-22-2011, 04:03 PM
How would you construct a 8 week training plan?

If you was going to box 3, three minute rounds?

8 weeks training after a few months of doing nothings

Having to lose 6kilos, plus staying healthy and trying to get ripped


any help??

please fix me a 8 week plan?

green k and points!

05-24-2011, 11:42 AM
Week 1
Monday: (when you do your road work is up to you) 4 miles running on a flat surface.
Gym work as follows: loosen up/ warm up 10 minuets
Shadowbox 2x3 (stretch after warm up, hold stretches for 2-4 seconds)
Spar 2-5x3. Working on drills if your trainer says so.
Heavy bag 3x3 (you can work on technique or conditioning drills)
Speed bag 2x3
Double end bag or pad work 2x3
15 min skipping
Calisthenics circuit at end

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: same as Monday

Thursday: rest

Friday: same as monday(you can adjust it if you wish)

Saturday: sprint work
Mile run to warm up
100m sprint
3min shadowbox
Run backwards 200m
100m sprint
3min shadowbox
100m sprint
Jog 400m punching out in front
Shadowbox 3min
100m sprint
Run backwards 100m
Jog 400m

05-24-2011, 11:53 AM
Week 2

Monday: warm up 10 min followed by stretch
2x3 shadowbox
Spar 2-5x3 min rounds
Heavy bag 3x3
Speed bag 2x3
Double end bag or pads 2x3
15 min skipping
Cool down and stretch

Tuesday: 10 min warm up
6x2 min rounds of circuit training
It is arms, legs, abs and you run through twice.
30sec pushups
30sec triceps dips
30 sec dive bomber pushups
30 sec clap pushups

(you can choose to do gym work on this day but keep sparing to Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Wednesday: same as Monday

Thursday: rest

Friday: same as Monday

Saturday: same as Saturday from first week

05-24-2011, 12:15 PM
Week 3: same as week two

Week 4: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Are the same

Thursday: circuit training as follows
1st circuit is plyometric each exercise is done for 2 minuets but through weeks 5 and 6 increased to 3 minuets
Medicine ball chest pass
Medicine ball over head throws
Medicine ball slams
Split squat jumps
Depth jump (hop off a small box and as you hit the floor squat down and explosively jump, repeat for the round)

Strength circuit
Static wall contractions (have back against the wall and knees at 90 degree angle and hold)
Set out 6-7 boxes in a straight line that are roughly 50cm high with enough space between them so that you can jump over one land and jump over the next and so and so until you reach the end, then repeat for round.
Static plank
Static press-up (arms fully extended fro ten seconds then hold it half way for 10 and repeat for round)
Medicine ball sit-ups
Standing Russian twist with medicine ball

You can choose to do bag work and pad work on this day.

Week 5: same as week 4

Week 6: same as week 4

Week 7: incorporate more sparing into routine (assuming you have had bouts before this will get rid of the ring rust, if not it is to familiarise yourself with it and to get a feel for the pace of a real bout) but keep fitness training there. From the following weeks you can design a program to suite you for this week.

Week 8: begin to taper down training , last 3 days no had gym work. If you have a bout on Saturday go into the gym friday and do some light pad work and check your on weight.

05-24-2011, 12:21 PM
Road work should be 3 miles and work to get it in 20 minuets.
As for diet have 4-5 medium portions of healthy food a day (relatively low in carbs and fat) try to have carbs at break fast a mix of carbs and protien at lunch and mostly protein(I recommend a protien shake) for tea, no food before bed. The programe may be altered to suite you (more work or less work). If your stale or overtrained take a few days off and mabye an ice bath and protien shake.

05-28-2011, 10:52 AM
to have a plan you should have some kind of parameters, some kind of goal and a point where you're starting from.
for example it would be different if you're just starting boxing and aren't in form, to if you've boxed a while are in good shape and have an amateur tournament in 8 weeks time, and then there's anything inbetween. no one-size-fits-all here.

like with those bodybuilding magazines where they show you what arnold used to do, total waste of time if you're a ten stone youth wanting to build your arms up a little.

05-28-2011, 10:56 AM
There are some sports nutritions and supplements which can assist to stay longer. My mentor has been very helpful for me.

do they test for viagra?!

supplements are to SUPPLEMENT a good training plan and good diet.