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05-09-2011, 11:30 PM
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How good was he?

I thought he was a very complete fighter. He was essentially a pure outfighter, but showed great inside work in matches like the 2nd fight with Benn, Rocchigiani, Wharton and the 2nd fight with Thompson. He was essentially a back foot boxer but showed he could fight on the front foot very very well looking back at his 1st fight with Benn and early fight with gatekeeper Smith.

He came up with a style that was almost impossible to beat. Staying outside, starting with the jab-always stepping in and doubling instead of just throwing it, and going to the body with it too not just the head. And a short right hand if you moved into mid-range, sharp counters if you got into mid-range, or sudden uppercut if you moved into close-range. The same method worked again and again and again and ground his opponents down.

I also liked the way he set up the sneak right with lateral movement instead of the jab, and the way he could avoid all opponents jabs my moving his head just a fraction of an inch-incredible reflexes. That's how he had to avoid a jab and set up a right due to his hands low style.

The way to beat him was to stay in mid-range and close-range and counter in combinations. Watson in their 2nd fight did it by walking through right hands and attacking at an angle, Benn in their 2nd fight did it by slipping right hands and rolling, and Calzaghe managed it by using a wide stance and throwing with him. It was a formidable task to do that against a man with such strength and reflexes, very dangerous-that's why I would love to of seen Roy Jones jr. fight him.

(I feel RJ would struggle outside and move into range more and that would be dangerous and exciting esp with Eubanks lack of telegraphy in the right and uppercut)

I found the above on another board! And agree whole-heartedly.