View Full Version : URRAYBODY remember when Shogun was the Jones in MMA back in the day?

05-09-2011, 01:41 AM
I remember that ***** like it was yesterday haha. I remember when UFC bought Pride everybody was pissed about Fedor not coming over but most Shogun fans were happy that he could whoop some ass and dominate for years. He was almost unstoppable in PRIDE and like Jon Jones had one BS defeat really because he broke his arm when Coleman took him down, but everybody knows Shogun would have killed him if that didn't didn't happen. Like Jones had a BS loss DQ loss to hamil. Don't count the Babalu loss though since he was green at the time.

Thats how quick MMA fans are quick to bill somebody as the greatest fighter ever before they even do anything although Shogun did plenty in Pride, just nothing in the UFC yet. So for all we know freak accidents could happen to Bones and his career might not pan out like we all expect.

New big things never last in MMA most of the time since their are so many ways to lose in MMA.