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05-02-2011, 06:10 PM
This is a great book with interviews with 42 world champions.

Over the coming months (In seperate threads.) I'm going to type up all these interweiws for you guys to read.

There are many fighters and I'm a little busy right now, so if anyone has any special requests I'll get them noted down to do first.

I would appreciate it if you didn't post in the actual threads until interview typing has ceased.

Any questions, requsts etc. Post in this thread or PM me.

So the champions are:

Willie Ritchie
Gunboat Smith
Pete Herman
Jack Dempsey

Johnny Wilson (Harry greb won title from him.)
Mickey Walker
Charley Phil Rosenberg
Fidel LaBarba
Mushy Callahan
Tommy Loughran
Jackie Fields
Battling Battalino

Jack Sharkey
Jimmy McLarlin
James J. Braddock
Lou Ambers
Joe Louis
Henry Armstrong
Billy Conn

Lew Jenkins
Fritzie Zivic
Willie Pep
Beau Jack
Ike Williams
Sugar Ray Robinson
Rocky Graziano
Sandy Saddler
Jake LaMotta

Archie Moore
Carl Bobo Olsen
Carmen Baislio
Floyd Paterson
Gene Fullmer
Don Jordan
Carlos Ortiz

Paul Pender
Emile Griffith
Wille Pastrano
Joey Giardello
Jose Torres

Roberto Duran
Alexis Arguello.

So I'll do requests just now if possible, and leave the bulk to later.