View Full Version : how big is the ufc 129 event in america?

04-29-2011, 11:38 PM
i know everyone in canada is going ape**** over it lol but what kind of buzz does it have in the states?

04-29-2011, 11:57 PM
Honestly I think it'd one of the biggest events in UFC history. It's pretty much UFC welterweight champ vs Strikeforce Welterweight & Middleweight champ. But I don't think it's the biggest thing MMA has ever seen in the US just because GSP isn't exciting anymore so he lost some luster and everybody knows Shields is boring. If this was Rampage vs Shogun 2 for the title it'd probably be the biggest event in america.

Aldo will go down as one of the greatest fighters ever. Every fight he's in will be historic not to mention their both strikers so we'll get a war for as long as it lasts. Aldo's debut. this is HUGE.

Randy's last fight against the MMA rubix cube Machida. THIS IS ****IN HUGE!!!

Not to mention Ben Henderson is on this card.Nate Diaz vs Macdonald will be the fight of the year. I would bet real cold hard cash on that.

I think it's still a big event over here but no to big because the UFC for awhile only had a GSP/Shields commerical although this is probably the most stacked card in UFC history. I CANT ****IN WAIT!!!

Las Vegas,
04-30-2011, 01:20 AM
All the casual fans I know are talking about this fight. It's a big fight card.

- v e t -
04-30-2011, 11:25 AM
BTW, is this a traditional 9PM EST card etc?


The Boxing Snob
04-30-2011, 11:27 AM
BTW, is this a traditional 9PM EST card etc?

thxYeah, it's my understanding that it is.

04-30-2011, 02:34 PM
Everywhere I go I see an ad, its heavily promoted. I seen Shields fight on Strikeforce before and know hes good, I herd GSP greatest little man in UFC so should be exciting for the fans.

04-30-2011, 02:54 PM
Buzz wise its there because of some good fights hype wise, this is no Lesner fight... **** Couture and Machida on the card??? didnt even know that and im a pretty big fan, GSP Shields been getting all the press, but **** neither one has Silva, Lesner or even Rampages popularity... Couture Machida to me is the fight im looking forward to GSP Shields a throw in plus Aldo....Pretty good night of fights, not 132 though hype wise!!!