View Full Version : cant fully straighten arms when doing shoulder presses

04-26-2011, 11:16 AM
ive recently started doing more weights and am finding the shoulder press exercise quite awkward, its like my arms feel fully extented but my training partner says "straighten your arms" an im like thats all i can go.... any ideas? is this a flexibility issue? I use dumbells while sitting on the bench i have the bench a touch less then 90 degrees...its the same with high and low weights.

New England
04-26-2011, 01:03 PM
are you using a straight bar?

try a wider or shorter grip

when you're warming up, mess around with the spacing of your hands
as a general rule you dont want to max out the flex in your elbows anyway
you want to push until you reach a point near locking them out
and then resist as the bar comes down

locking a joint in and out while it's bearing a load is a horrible idea

trainers are goign to say stuff to "motivate you" while you are lifting something

straighten your arms might be his way of saying "work harder?"

or has he specifically said that you need to straighten and lock your elbows?

to summarize
check your grip with very light weight while you are warming up
figure out what the trainer is looking for you do to (work harder, or actually lock the elbows)
and if it hurts
dont do it!

injuries in a weight room can be life changing, dude
keep it in mind and stay safe