View Full Version : Ali vs. Louis- The Tale Of The Tape

09-21-2005, 09:33 PM
Muhammad Ali
Won: 56
Lost: 5
Career: 1960-1981
Title Reigns: 1964-1967, 1974-1978, 1978
Notable Wins: 1964 KO 7 Sonny Liston for the heavyweight championship, 1974 KO 8 George Foreman for the heavyweight championship, 1975 TKO Joe Frazier
Notable Losses: 15 Joe Frazier 1971, 15 Ken Norton 1971, TKO 10 Larry Holmes
Key Performances: Sonny Liston I 1964, Cleveland Washington 1966, Zorra Folley 1967, Joe Frazier 1975
Description: Never has the heavyweight division seen someone so swift and as agile as Muhammad Ali. And Ali was no small fry. He was 6'4", and weighed around 215 lbs. His mouth was what made him famous for who he is today. He always talked trash to the people he was facing, and messed with their head before and after the fight. In his early years, he was known as Cassius Clay, and stopped everyone on his way with his big mouth, never-ending leg movement, and sharp, fast-combinations that hit opponents when they couldn't even see them. In his years during the 70's, his feet didn't have the dynamics they used to have, but his punches were harder. His punching power is much underrated. When he hit Bonavena with that deadly left hook in the 15th round, Bonavena's head jerked back violently. In his 3 round destruction of Cleveland Williams, he isn't playing pattycake with him. Those are some hard punches. His chin is amazing. He could take nearly anything that was thrown at him during his career. At one point during his fight with Chuvalo, he is just egging Chuvalo on while Chuvalo is pounding away at Ali's ribs. Finally, his speed. The first fight with Liston shows his uncanny leg movement. Liston hardly hits him once in the fight. His handspeed is arguably the fastest ever. His fights with Frazier contain some of the deadliest, fastest combinations ever thrown.