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04-19-2011, 02:28 AM
How are the trainings after the bout with Jon Jones?

Actually Iím taking it easy, Iím recovering from it. Iíll go to the US to train, Iíve talked to Rafael (Cordeiro), and weíll meet again. Itíll be fine.

Why did you decide to change your trainings?

Because I want to become better and better. Iíve talked to my coaches, who had been there all along, and I decided I had to go. Curitiba is a good place for me because thereís where my family is, my house and all that stuff, but I donít have a training plan set, and now itís more important than the comfort I have when Iím at home, so Iíll go to Los Angeles to look for a better training. Iíll look for a better training for me.

You trained without a coach for Jones. Against Liddell you had Cunha, then Dida came and leaded your trainings for Lyoto, but he left the team before this fight against Jon Jones. Was it a decisive factor for you?

Absolutely. Everybody needs a coach, a guy to guide you, a guy that tells you what to do on your training. They all left and I stayed in Curitiba, which was a mistake I made. But we learn from our mistakes, and now Iíll look for a better training for me.

What mistakes you think you did against Jon Jones? Were you surprised by the game he presented you?

No. actually, I donít see any flaws. Heís a good guy, he earned my respect and I donít discuss my losses. I always look at it so that I can grow from it, so he deserved that.

After being defeated you asked for a rematch against Forrest Griffin in UFC Rio. Does that motivates you?

My biggest motivation is that Iíll fight Forrest Griffin, whoís a top athlete, one of the bests. Of course Iíll be another fighter for this bout, Iíll do it all over again, thatís my dream. Now we talk to each other, we are collegesÖ But heís a good fighter, heís a big name on the division, a strong guy, so heís a guy that, in case I win, itíll bring me closer to the belt. So that motivates me.

The first time you fought him you were coming from an injury and he submitted you. Does that fight bring anything different to you?

Of course I want revenge, so thatís my chance to revenge that loss, and thatís an extra motivational factor. But Iíll be focused because I need a win, not only because of the revenge I want. I want the win.

Thereíre four Brazilians confirmed to be in UFC Rio, and youíre one of them. How do you see this coming of the event to Brazil?

Iím happy. Itís a thing that, when I loss, I was pretty upset, sad, but itís been a while and now Iím motivated, knowing Iíll fight again. Theyíve offered me that bout and thatís a fight Iíd ask them, so it was perfect. For me itís great: fighting in my country, close to my family. That a dream coming true, especially being in UFC, which is a mark for MMA history in Brazil.

The main event will be Anderson Silva vs. Okami, another rematch. What are your thoughts about it?

Andersonís the favorite. I was there in Hawaii when Anderson fought Okami. Anderson was dominating the fight... Okami is a good wrestler, but I believe it wonít be a problem for Anderson beating him up.

Leave a message for your fans, whoíll see you fighting in Brazil after a long time...

Iíd like to thank all my fans for the support. They always push me a lot, even too muchÖ I really see it in a good way. Iíd like to thank you, I owe it all to you, and Iíd like to say Iíll always do my best to bring the win home and to put on a good show for you. Thank you guys from Brazil and from all over the world.

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props to shogun for not making any excuses on the jones fight..

though as a fan, i believe having a coach would increase his chances..

04-19-2011, 02:53 AM
Thats ****in nuts how everybody left him in Brazil. How you just gonna leave Shogun ****in Rua? haha.

Glad to see he's feeling better. Seemed depressed the week after the fight but glad he's recovering good. At this rate he's gonna ****in take Forrest's manhood haha