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04-13-2011, 05:24 PM
Hello Boxingscene. I am writing this post in hopes that someone out there in cyber land has the knowledge or experience to give me a good meal plan to help me achieve my goals. I have always been a skinny guy compared to the normal male. I am also on the taller side for someone my weight, 6 feet one inch. I am a 23 year old college student and work out at least 3 times a week. I weigh from a range of 130-140 lbs on any given day. It has always been very hard for me to gain weight. I was wondering if anyone has had my problem and overcome the situation or If anyone can help me out by giving me a weekly meal plan that could help me gain the RIGHT kind of weight. I know eating more calories will help me gain weight, but it seems very hard for me as I get full very easily. I don't eat breakfast very often and that probably has a lot to do with me not gaining any weight. I am looking forward to reading your post and hope I will get some good information. If you are looking to bash me or what not that is fine as I deal with *******s everyday of my life. Thanks for reading this post and hope to hear from a few of you very soon.

P.S. If there is a thread/post relating to this topic could you please point me in the right direction.
Stickandmove12 :boxing: