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04-12-2011, 01:16 AM
I don't do conventional weight training..But I do a lot of heavy bag work Medicine ball throwing and Slege/axe work..The other Day I grabbed a 50 pound of grain one handed and threw it a few feet and up into my truck..It surprised me I was like whoa did I just grab that huge bag like a supermarket bag of potatoes..Why Yes I did!!
I kinda think that boxers Power can be upsetting to some peoples preconceptions..That you need conventional weight training to become Big..To get Power..You Might gain more in very specific muscle groups..but hit that heavy bag throw that the ball..Swing an Axe..They all work tons of muscles that you are not even aware of working.. And the movements are fluid natural and flowing..Just like you need to be when fighting.
I think if Conventional boxing training is not getting you the results you want..Concentrate on the power training work..Hit the Heavy bag for hours not rounds,medicine ball..Sledge hammering a tire..Put the time and effort that a weight training regime requires and apply it to these things..You will see results and have the right kind of muscles to fight with..

04-13-2011, 03:06 PM
George Foreman said in his first career, he chopped huge amounts of wood. His manager, Dick Saddler would offer his service for free to anyone who needed wood chopped. He did not touch weights until his comeback when he was in his 40's.