View Full Version : Off-balance when throwing combos / straight punches

04-05-2011, 07:04 PM
Hey guys,

Any advice for improving balance and foot positioning when throwing punches in bunches and overhand rights?

Basically, I'm off-balance whenever I throw the overhand right (land with upper-body weight too far forward and to the left). If I'm deliberate and conscious of this, I can correct it each time, but I'd like to reduce it to muscle memory and not have to actively think about my balance each time I throw punches.

As an indicator of where a problem might be: I have lots of trouble with certain lateral jump exercises (the basics are very easy, but something like lateral jumps over a barbell, for example, are very difficult for me to maintain my balance with).

Short of being trained by Emmanuel Steward, do you guys have any tips for correcting this?