View Full Version : is my boxing routine ok ?

04-05-2011, 03:58 PM
hi guys is my boxing routine and diet ok any tips would be great thanks

i am 29 ,5 ft 6 about 70 kg take or give a few either way

to start with iam a painter and deco so have a pretty good cardio job to start with

monday boxing gym
tuesday i do weights then a 3 mile run/jog
wednesday boxing gym
thursday weights then 3 mile run/jog
friday boxing gym

my diet seems pretty good

6 30 am bowl of musli ,proten shake

9 30 can of tuna with 2 slices of brown bread,low fat yoghurt ,pear and bannaa

12 30 1 chicken breast in a brown wrap,yoghurt,pear /bannna

3pm 2 boiled eggs

5 pm protein shake

5 30 dinner


9pm protein shake

drink about 2 to 3 litlres of water a day

i take a multi vitimin,glucoste sulphate,cod liver oil

does my routine and diet sound ok anty tips would be great thanks