View Full Version : MMA's "forgotten" to stardom?(Modern day Rocky Balboas in MMA???)

03-19-2011, 05:35 AM
Alright check it. Think about what MMA was like when the UFC-PRIDE merger happened. I can't explain it but if you get my examples and can think of some others then feel free to list them!

Allistair Overeem was a nobody. Back when Rampage ran through Chuck and had that war with Henderson Overeem had just gotten knocked the **** out by Shogun at 205. Submitted to strikes to Ricardo freakin Arona, Lil Nog made his corner feel sorry for him. 4-5 years make a difference. Now people are even borderline drawlin' saying hes the best HW in the world but definitely isn't a bum anymore. He's prizefighting material. Great turnaround story. I'm sure not even Dorian could have had a wet dream this magnificent about Overeem hahahaha

Jorge Rivera was so much a bum he went on TUF 4 and got made look into a bum even worse on that show. He was struggling to stay in the UFC even after the show. Flash into 2009, grabs a close split decision(WHO CARES) literrally who does? BUt it don't matter because in the next 2 fights he sparked out Kimmons and Quarry. He was back in the mix! Then got into a dirty fight with bisping and illegally knee'd. Still rocked him though. But still WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM?

Alessio Sakara too. I didn't think anybody was more fun to watch get KO'd back in the day then Sakara hahaha. I thought he was long gone the last 30 times he was KO'd hahaha but sure enough in what was suppose to be Thales comeback fight, Sakara spoils it for him. Then drops Irvin. Look a decision in a damn good fight earlier this months. BUT WHERE DID HE COME FROM? HAHA

Even Joe Doerkson had a run in him a few months back! I almost ***** myself when he finished Tim Lawlor right after Lawlor tapped CB and then beat the hell out of Aaron Simpson who was a top prospect at the time. Even gave Dan Miller a hell of a fight too! That was a damn close fight.

This brings me to Yves Edwards. Winner of 5 of his last 6. He was about to be UFC Lightweight champ at the exact time the division died years ago literally, then went to pride, had a great war with Joachim Hanson, 2 great wars with Hermes Franca, coolest head kick KO EVER over Thompson, coolest creative knee KO over Berto too. He had what looked like one last good run in him back in 08 after getting KO'd by Masdival. He had that kool berto KO, I actually thought he'd take KJ Noon's to school but i almost cried that night...haha then he got embarassed by Duane Ludwig who's also been poppin out of nowhere lately. But Yves made a shocking surprise in Bellator, then in the UFC, and then when everybody thought he'd probably get choked out by Cody Mckenzie, he ends up pulling out the win! Great to see him back on the winning side fighting Sam Stout at UFC 131! Should be a war that he could EASILY WIN! Because Stout has no KO power. Yves can definitely win this.

03-19-2011, 07:13 AM
How about Sonnen mixed results in his big fights but he goes on run beating Filho Marquart and dominating Silva until the saddest stoppage ever.