View Full Version : Dan Gable vs Sam Langford MMA Fantasy Fight

02-25-2011, 12:43 AM
The coolest thing about mma for me is being able to talk about a range of fighters from different sports. Even though mma today is morphing into it's own sport it's still fun to "what if" guys from the pure sports.

My favorite two lightweights from any sport.
Dan Gable wrestled at 95lbs(High-School) up to 150lbs, and could easily weigh in at 155lbs.
Sam Langford boxed at 140lbs up to 206lbs, and could easily weigh in at 155lbs

Gable's wrestling record:
Won 299 (Falls 182), Lost 6, Draws 3

Langford's boxing record:
Won 178 (KO 129), Lost 32 (KO 9), Draws 39

Gable went through 15 matches at the '72 Olympics without giving up a single point.

Langford rated number 2 puncher of all time by The Ring. Second most knockouts according to Boxingrec.com.

What happens with ATG's in a cage with four ounce gloves on for fifteen minutes?