View Full Version : Which route works best for you?

02-23-2011, 04:28 AM
In Black OPS...

Which one works best for you? I'm having trouble getting past 21 rounds, I always go through the upstairs and work my way down until like round 12, then I turn on the power...i'm a noob to Call of Duty so any advice will be appreciated!

02-23-2011, 08:21 AM
Zomibes are my specialty brotha!

I've made posts with map layout and i just wrote a strategy guide for Ascension...

So we are talking about Kino Der Toten correct??

Also, which strategy are you looking for?




3-4 Players

02-24-2011, 03:58 PM
playing solo is the best, less zombies come at ya. on solo ive got to lvl 27, online ive gotten to lvl 30 and can never get past it.. eeerrrrr

best thing to do on solo is stay in the lobby till 7rnds *if u can* open upstairs and go down to the were the turent is, try to hold that down till 12rnds *but dont open the dresser room door* i normally stay where the box is at when im in that room, but if u cant go to the threater room hopefully the box is there and hold that down for awhile until u get overwhelmed and turn the power on. now with the power on save the last zombie or crawler so u can link the teleporter. once the teleporter is linked kill last zombie. wait for the next round to start and hang around the teleporter. kill as much zombies untill u get overwhelmed again and run in the teleporter. kill as much zombies while up at the pack a punch but once teleported back to the lobby shoot as much zombies and crawlers as u can in the middle and head upstairs untill u reach to theater room again, run around in cirlces from upstairs to downstairs till the teleporter is back up link them up and just keep recycling the same procedure. hope it helps out if ur on the ps3 let me know if u wanna join up.