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01-03-2011, 06:41 PM
Happy New Year Fight Night fans! We'd like to invite you to join us on Thursday from 3-4 PM PST for our first Live Developer Chat to discuss the enhancements to Legacy Mode.

We'll post a link to the chat tomorrow where you can sign up to be a part of it. In the meantime get your Legacy Mode questions for the develope...rs ready or feel free to post them here and we'll gather them beforehand.

*From EA Fight Night Champion Facebook page

01-06-2011, 09:32 AM
wat's good Poet, this here below is a list of things I feel they should improve on and add in, it's pretty long but there are a few good ideas. check it out, let me know what you think

I would like to say before many of you attack me and say that I am crazy because this many fighters is too much to much to fit in the game understand that this is really a rough compilation of fighters I think should be in the game.

I think it can be done but the game creators seem not to believe so. I'm thinking though if a game like Uncharted could be 22 gigs by itself and contain so much content then there should be no reason why they can't make this many fighters in the game

I have been playing Fight Night since day 1 and I feel like fans deserve this effort, if they can at least add most of these fighters it would be worth while, can you imagine having a list like this?

this is every fight fans dream, this game would shatter ground man even non Boxing fans would play this, this would be the sickest roster ever, even a variation of this list with like 3 or 4 guys cut from each division would be insane.

I understand there are contractual issues that come along with adding fighters into a game but I truly believe it can be done, I'm sure just about any legend would love to participate in this game, I'm sure most young fighters would love it too, this is something that would be 100% for the happiness of the fans.

I waited patiently for years from Fight Night Round 3 to Round 4 came out and I bought Round 4 on release date. I'm a loyal fan of the series and I just want the best possible game, I hope the producers at least look threw this list and tell me what they think because I spent a whole lot of time thinking up these names, the list goes as follows

Fight Night Champion Roster

Heavyweight 18

Muhammed Ali
Joe Frazier
George Foreman
Nikolai Valuev
Wladimir Klitschko
Vitali Klitschko
David Haye
Alexander Povetkin
Tomasz Adamek
Lennox Lewis
Evander Holyfield
Mike Tyson
Larry Holmes
Michael Spinks
James Buster Dougles
Michael Morrer
Riddick Bowe
Oliver McCall

Light Heavyweight 9

Jean Pascal
Chad Dawson
Bernard Hopkins
Roy Jones Jr
Joe Calzaghe
Tavouris Cloud
Nathan Cleverly
Zsolt Erdei
Julio Gonzalez

Middleweight 22

Sergio Martinez
Paul Williams
Dimitry Pirog
Danny Jacobs
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr
Andre Dirrell
Andre Ward
Marvin Hagler
Sugar Ray Robinson
Felix Sturm
Arthur Abraham
Glen Johnson
Lucian Bute
David Lemieux
Mikkel Kessler
Carl Froch
Jermaine Taylor
Kelly Pavlik
Vernon Forrest
Saul Alvarez
Alfredo Angulo

Welterweight 21

Floyd Mayweather Jr
Manny Pacquiao
Miguel Cotto
Antonio Margarito
Shane Mosley
Felix Trinidad
Oscar De La Hoya
Ike Quartey
Timothy Bradley
Devon Alexander
Amir Khan
Marcos Rene Maidana
Victor Ortiz
Joan Guzman
Zab Judah
Kendal Holt
Juan Urango
Wilfredo Benitez
Thomas Hearns
Hector Camacho
Sugar Ray Leonard

Lightweight 20

Juan Manuel Marquez
Robert Guerrero
Michael Katsidis
Humberto Soto
Edwin Valero
Brandon Rios
Juan Diaz
Marco Antonio Barrera
Erik Morales
Joel Casamayor
Acelino Freitas
Naseem Hamed
Juan Manuel Lopez
Yuriorkis Gamboa
Chris John
Celestino Caballero
Roberto Duran
Julio Cesar Chavez
Salvador Sanchez
Willie Pep

Bantamweight 15

Wilfredo Vasquez Sr
Wilfredo Vasquez Jr
Wilfredo Gomez
Daniel Zaragosa
Carlos Zarate
Ruben Olivares
Guillermo Rigondeaux
Jorge Arce
Hozumi Hasegawa
Fernando Montiel
Vic Darchinyan
Nonito Donaire
Yonnhy Perez
Abner Mares
Eric Morel

Flyweight 9

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam
Giovanni Segura
Brian Viloria
Raytona Whitfield
Rodel Mayol
Ricardo Finito Lopez
Roman Gonzalez
Rosendo Alvarez
Ivan Calderon

Total = 114 Fighters

Game Play Tune Ups

- Fighters should be able to punch while in the clinch and have the ability to punch themselves out of the clinch before the referee steps in

- Fighters should be able to take a knee if necessary, if the sacrifice of losing a point for taking a knee is made then the health meter should increase just very slightly more than it would if he was knocked down viciously

- Fighters should have unique taunts

- Referee should be in the ring at all times

- Fighters should complain about low blows, there should be a short and quick cinematics of the fights reacting, possibly still receiving punches during the process of the low blow landing and the ref stepping in to separate

- The ring announcing should be very in depth with records, hometown, nick names and all and at the announcing of the winner it should also be in depth and build a lot of excitement for close fights and loud, celebratory like energy when announcing the winner, the announcer should read the scores and it should emulate what a real fight feels like

Technical Improvements

- There should be an artificial intelligence software in place that will allow for the computer to recognize any names you might type in, producers of this game should go to www.boxrec.com and select several hundreds of names of fighters and throw them in the list of pre set create-a-player names and put the A.I. so the announcers can say whatever name you input

- You should be able to play your own custom soundtrack from the music in your PS3 and also be able to add Entrance music to the fighters from the music in the PS3

- You should have an image creator so you can make your own signature symbols for your create a fighter, for example the "MP" on Manny Pacquiao's Trunks, the Tribal images on Miguel Cotto's pants. this will work VERY well with the custom gear option

- There should be a "Super 6" mode just like the Super 6 tournament in real life with the same advancement method, you should be able to set the tournament from 4 to 16 fighters. this is a mode that should be included under the regular tournament mode where unlike the "Super 6" if you lose 1 time you go home

- There should be an in-game offline feature in Fight Now that allows you to choose to fight for the 4 major governing body titles (WBC, WBO, IBF & The Ring), players should be able to choose when the title is on the line in offline play and when a champion is decided he will stay the champion until he is defeated for the title in offline Fight Now mode. champions in Fight Now shouldn't affect Legacy mode or online only the Fight Now section

- You should be able to EASILY access the character select menu to choose fighters quickly and carry along gameplay much faster from fight to fight offline, there were too many different screens and menus to go threw after each single play in previous Fight Night games, unless we hit rematch we had to wait at least a full 3 or 4 minutes with all the loading and stuff, this process should be a bit quicker if you add a sub menu at the end of each fight that allows you the ability to choose the fighters directly for the next fight without having to go threw the whole quitting process and controller select

01-06-2011, 02:02 PM
Enable Knee taking
Late hits
3rd player online to play as ref :lol1: