View Full Version : How's your franchise?

01-02-2011, 03:56 AM
I've been playing the **** out of NBA 2k11, but I've got pretty good MLB 2k10 and Madden 09 franchises going. How are yours?

Madden: My most successful. Took the Jets 16-0 en route to a Super Bowl. Only scare was the AFC championship game, when the Steelers put up 22 fourth quarter points, including a go ahead score with 45 seconds left. Que 72 yard bomb to Cotchery to save the game. Crushed the Bucs like 34-10.
NBA: Knicks. Created myself at center (88 ovr, good defensive, ok offense) and started off 6-7. Traded Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton and a 2nd round pick for another friend of mine (created my high school team, which I guess got imported) and I haven't lost in the nine games since. Amar'e is an ANIMAL. He got hurt, but since he's been back, he's put up 27, 18, 34, 36, 42 and 37.
MLB: Yankkes Fantasy Draft Team. I've got Barry Bonds and Frank Thomas sitting in the middle of my lineup, along with Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux. I drafted them fair and square, I promise. Barring a dominant performance from their pitcher or a meltdown from mine, I'm pretty close to invincible. I had one game where I was down by 4 in the ninth. I was about to turn off my music and hurl my ipod in disgust when on came "I am a Real American" and I smacked a walk-off double with Bonds just as the song ended.

So...how are YOUR franchises doing?