View Full Version : reignmaka's EA CAnada Fight Night Champion test trip

11-06-2010, 10:35 PM
I have been working with reignmaka since before Fight Night Round 3. He has helped me compile wishlists for years and know we have the producers attention. I'm glad he went to EA Canada.Great post Indigo, I think it's only fitting that I write mine out in a similar fashion. As Indigo already stated, we were well versed in terms of perspective and representation of the overall community. We had top players, sports fans/ sports gamers, and hardcore boxing enthusiast present. While some of you might think "Hey what about the casual folks?"

Don't worry, you were represented as well. At the end of the day, we know you guys want a fun game, that is exciting, fully functional and provides engaging experiences that you'll spend a lot of hours enjoying. We brought the thoughts, issues and ideas from everyone in the community, and consolidated these things to present to the development team.

Day 1 began with introductions of community members and development staff, followed by the signing of the NDAs which requires us to keep the information "in house" until we are give the green light to give details. This was then followed by a presentation lead by the lead developers outlining the game plan of Fight Night champion. What we saw was a comprehensive listing of everything they had planned for the game from top to bottom with information designed with consumer feedback in mind.....continue...