View Full Version : Fight Night Champion Feedback Session - October 28/29

10-13-2010, 12:50 PM
Commnity Feedback Session - October 28/29


Fight Night fans, we will be conducting a Community Feedback Session flying in a few of the moderators along with other website/fansite leaders at the end of the month to play Fight Night Champion and provide their early feedback for the development team. It will be two full days of intense game testing with emphasis on the core gameplay with the team on hand throughout the two days with the intent of getting valuable feedback to make changes if necessary.

We have the opportunity to invite one person from the community here to join the moderators that will be coming and I am using this thread for people to tell us why you should receive that invite. Due to the short notice, you will require the following:

- A valid passport
- Be 19+ years of age or older
- Able to travel and attend from Oct 27-30 inclusive

If you fit those requirements, then let us know why you deserve an invite to the Community Feedback Session by end of day Thursday, October 14th to be considered. We will make the decision over the weekend and book travel and accommodations (paid for by EA) on Monday, October 18th.

Be detailed in your submission and please refrain from spamming this thread with anything other than entries to be considered.

Thanks in advance for everyone's input and I looking forward to hosting the session at the end of this month.

10-15-2010, 07:26 PM
props for sharing this poet, your a force in the EA FNC forums, somones goto tell the dev team what we want so props again. Hopefully someone gets some Video footage for us. Ive been wanting to see the progress on this game badly, still having fun with rd 4 but been wanting FNC since it was announced. Cant wait.

10-16-2010, 08:31 AM
i might actually go and try that game when it comes out. I havent really liked playing them games since round 2 they havent improved much from then on the latest games other than adding a few fighters so hopefully in champions they get to keep all the fighters withoiut having to remove others.