View Full Version : Does being a lower weight than your ideal bodyweight mean less stamina?

09-14-2010, 03:27 PM
My ideal bodyweight is around 67kg (147 lbs). At that weight I feel really healthy, strong and good, healthy is the key word though.

Ive recently gone down to 64kg (140lbs) and I dont know if its just my imagination but I feel like my stamina in training has gotten worse, I seem to tire out really quickly and when I tire out I feel like I want to keel over, although that feeling doesnt last too long.

But overall at this weight I just feel like my stamina has taken a hit, Ive been at this weight a few weeks now and Ive been training fairly consistantly throughout, although Ive not been running much due to shin splints....

Basically my question is, is it normal to experience poorer endurance and stamina at a lower weight than your ideal weight?

09-14-2010, 05:43 PM
Depends how much your calorie intake has had to drop to get to that weight

09-14-2010, 05:57 PM
Not much really, I seem to be able to control my weight fairly easily by only slightly adjusting the amount of foods I eat.

I have been eating alot less carbs then usual though, especially after training. Before training I eat a normal amount of complex carbs, but my evening meal is usually pretty low in carbs, I started doing this about the same time I started feeling weak in the gym aswell.

Now that I think about it, its probably the diet causing the stamina problems, but I would have thought a lunch of complex carbs and fruits should be enough to train well on.

09-14-2010, 09:20 PM
I think you are probably right and that it is more to do with your current diet than being underweight.

By the way, one thing it might be is that you're too low in calories or carbs on rest days. That's when your body repairs itself and recovers, so maybe it's not about what you eat on training days as much as about what you eat on your day off?

I guess it will only take a few days of diet experimentation to find out either way. From what I remember of your other posts you seem to know your stuff so you'll probably be able to come up with a diet plan and try it for 2-3 days to see how your body responds. That's what I'd do at least.

09-15-2010, 08:46 AM
Yeah thats what I plan to do Clegg, my dinner last night consisted of a good sized portion of brown rice with my usual meats and veggies.

One thing I did notice when not eating carbs in the evening was that it was soooo much easier to get to sleep (ive had sleeping problems for the last few years) because I felt so exhausted and weak. I kind of had trouble getting to sleep last night and I felt pretty damn energetic the whole night, hopefully thats a good sign.

Im going training tonight so I'll see how I feel