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09-06-2010, 10:09 AM
Hi everyone. ive been doing a bit of boxing casuraly at a local (non boxing) gym and at home. now im joining an amature boxing club and i want to train realy hard. the first thing i want to do is loose a lot of fat for a number of reasons. but because of shoulder problems i will also need to put on a lot of muscle afterwards so i was wondering what the best thing to do is.

i have access to a gym with weights, a small punchbag at home and training at the new gym. im not sure how good it will be. its the only place i can find and its a community program ran by a police officer called right stuff boxing. all i know is that some of the people he trains have competed and won in fights on the amateur circuit so i am going to give it a go.

like i said firstly how can i loose all this fat realy quickly? im not expecting overnight loss but as fast as possible is the best. secondly how should i go about putting on muscle? i know it isnt a main concern to most boxers but i need to pack on some serious mass quickly because my shoulder keeps delocalising (less severe dislocation). and the best way to cure this is to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and add more general deltoid muscles to sandwitch it in possition. how should i do that? is strength training going to be enough or will i have to train for mass?

lastly what kind of overall training program should i go on? how often should i box, do cardio and lift weights? thanks

09-06-2010, 11:28 AM
To lose fat quickly just eat lower calories and make sure the calories you get are good which means protein (top priorority) and not much fat (however make sure you eat some fats because you need balance and some are good for you). Train hard (simple yet difficult) get good sleep (7-9 hours) and good doesn't just mean quantity. A lot of successful athletes + science articles I've read about say that you should form a habit.. Lets say you go to bed 10-11ish but always wake up at 6:00 am. If you have your sleeping/awakening habit then your training habits will fall into place and weight lost coupled with a diet (i dont mean something ridiculous but just a healthy way of living) is no problem.

You should box whenever you can. The more the better if you're actually serious. Avoid over-training and try have a rest day.

The key to boxing is relaxing and not being tense. With big bulky muscles like a bodybuilder your not going to have speed,

09-06-2010, 11:41 AM
ok cool. i guess i want to fight in the middle weight or super middle weight catagories and i want to be serious yes. but i would perfer to feel confident that the joint is secure so i would like to put some more muscle on.

09-06-2010, 01:21 PM
trust me bro, once u start training more and consciously working on your boxing, you will get better, you'll get into that routine, eat as much as u need, work hard, and you will burn fat HARD! just keep working though, stay dedicated.

and about the joint being secure: muscles won't get you the W, trust me. if you wanna get good at boxing, i would say: study it, work on it endlessly, throw every punch perfectly, learn to get out of every scenario, throw gorgeous combinations, become perfect in slipping punches.

Why is Floyd Mayweather so great, apart from his blinding hand speed and accuracy? his boxing brain, check out some of his fights, then you'll see. he has an answer for every fighter.