View Full Version : If you could be one boxer who woudl you be?

08-11-2010, 11:20 AM
I would be Marvelous Marvin Hagler.
I'd have done everything the hard way so no debate on whether I deserved a shot at champion etc. I would have performed in one of the most enthralling rounds of boxing ever, thought by many to be the best middleweight ever.
Retire from boxing as it started to crumble and never looked back I was also unscathed after the boxing ring with no damage done. I would then live a peaceful life in Italy while making movies. Regarded as one of the toughest obxers ever who never ducked anyone.

08-11-2010, 11:39 AM
Oscar de la hoya.

Made the most money.

08-11-2010, 02:24 PM
Oscar is a good choice:

Gorgeous wife

Tonnes of money

Good looking

Intelligent and articulate

Left boxing with his faculties and a thriving promotional company

And not a bad career to look back on either!

08-11-2010, 02:26 PM
Roy Jones Jr or Sam langford. for there talent!

08-11-2010, 02:31 PM
Roy Jones Jr or Sam langford. for there talent!

Langford, really ?, for a lot of his career he was half blind and he retired homeless and there's only very little footage of him to see his skill.
Plus being born in that very racist era, he'd be one of the last people I'd think of.

08-11-2010, 03:11 PM
A white Hagler, who would also fight as an SMW and LHW. White because of the stupid people not recognizing his skill, will and heart. He would beat prime Calzaghe and all the others.