View Full Version : Floyd Mayweather Jr or Marcel Cerdan. Who's The Greater Fighter?

Southpaw Great
07-27-2010, 05:28 PM
Who should be remembered as the greater fighter and rank higher on a ATG list?

07-27-2010, 07:15 PM
Much as I dislike Floyd and am currently annoyed that he is making us all wait for the Pacquiou fight he 'just' deserves to be ranked higher than Cerdan.

Marcel Cerdan is one of the most underated fighters of all time. The first time I watched him fight I was blown away. This was a guy who could do everything well, his combinations were fantastic, he was a craftsman who could also double as a pressure fighter. He was fast, brave and well conditioned. I would have loved to see him fight Robinson.

I would also have favoured him to win the return with La Motta. Shame his career was cruelly cut short!

For now though it is hard to argue with Floyd's undefeated record, he hasn't really lost many rounds! A few to Judah, Castillo, Corley, Oscar, Hatton and one to Mosley is about it!!

Floyd has looked so superior to his opposition too, whereas I fear Cerdan lost at European level and didn't always show the amazing form that he could!