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07-14-2010, 06:24 PM
Toney. Toney, who fights Randy Couture in an Ultimate Fighting Championship match on Aug. 28 in Boston, has said he plans to knock out Couture and then to go after World Boxing Association heavyweight champion David Haye.

But Haye, who is a big UFC fan and has trained in mixed martial arts, laughs off Toney’s threats. He doesn’t believe Toney’s going to be able to fight him after he gets pummeled by Couture, though he has mad respect for Toney’s boxing skill and record.

“James Toney is the purest of the pure at boxing. He is so brilliant at boxing and his skills are so ingrained in him that he’s been an elite level fighter, in shape or not in shape, his skills alone put him on another level as a boxer."

“Six months of training isn’t going to be enough. As a UFC fan, I know two or three years wouldn’t be enough. How many times has Toney sprawled in his life? 500? How many leg kicks has he taken in his life? 300? How many Kimura attempts has he defended? 140? Even if he’s done double that amount, he wouldn’t have nearly the experience needed to win a UFC fight.”

“I know from training in MMA myself that the wrestling aspect ruins your punching power. After a minute of grappling, your arms, back and shoulders fill with blood and even if you then find space to throw punches, your power is suddenly crap."

“And I hit a lot harder and I’m so much faster than James, and I couldn’t land a punch on fighters when all they wanted to do was take me down to the ground. James is a much more static fighter than I am, and is going to get thrown on his back immediately by Randy. I admire Toney’s spirit and boxing skills. But he’s delusional here.”


07-14-2010, 07:59 PM
Idk, I definitely respect Haye more after hearing his opinions on MMA after I lost a whole lot because of the failure to fight Wlad or Vital.

But I actually like Toney's chances here. Look what Chuck did to Randy. Once Chuck started back pedaling and letting Randy come in first he was able to catch randy coming in. I'm not a big fan of Chuck but his one KO of Randy when his back is against the cage and he side steps out and KO's randy is one of my favorite KO's.

Like I've said a lot of times on here already. Randy's a clinch wrestler so he needs to get in close and I think that's going to be very dangerous having to get through Toney's punches first to get in close. As long as Toney doesn't get over aggressive with his punches and King Mo keeps hammering that double leg takedown defense, I really like Toney's chances.

I think with nonstop takedown defense trills and sparring I think Toney could be pretty decent at it. No way your going to be a full fledge successful mixed martial artist at his age and with that lack of time of training, but takedown defense is just one aspect, and if he works on that more then he works on other stuff, who's to say he can't have some decent defense especially when he's training with some pretty good wrestlers.

Tyrone Biggums!
07-14-2010, 08:10 PM
David Haye is gay.

thanks for that factual and educational post

07-14-2010, 09:03 PM
Ha! Too funny!

07-15-2010, 07:32 AM
Haye is speaking the truth in his summing up of things !
Toney ain't got a prayer lol