View Full Version : [LOL] Jose Canseco gets beat by 60 year old man in MMA fight.

07-11-2010, 05:17 PM
Actually boxing exhibition, my bad for putting it wrong section.

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07-11-2010, 05:18 PM
Here's the link:

M Deezy
07-11-2010, 05:22 PM
looks like a boxing match to me man.

07-11-2010, 05:24 PM
looks like a boxing match to me man.

I know. I screwed up cause I know Canseco is trying to be MMA fighter.

07-11-2010, 10:19 PM
that's just sad

07-11-2010, 10:21 PM
what a *****.....

Stab Judah
07-12-2010, 12:19 AM
It wasn't a real fight anyway.